Jonah White ‘19 A Plan for Life

Louisville Male High School

Major: Communications with Media Studies
Minor: Christian Ministries

Accepted to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.

Jonah White played high school football and dreamed of playing in college, but he didn’t have a plan for life beyond the end zones. “The small campus and family atmosphere here at Wesleyan helped me a lot. I found a close-knit community, and I found friends,” he reflected. Jonah also found himself and his calling.

“The College offered many opportunities, but I didn’t get out much that first year and half, and I didn’t take advantage of those opportunities,” Jonah remembered. “I felt kind of lost, and I asked God to take over, and show me what to do with my life.”

Jonah became involved in campus ministries, and he says he began to grow in his faith. “Shawn Tomes [campus ministries director] walked beside me, and supported me as I made decisions.” He explained that Tomes helped facilitate an internship with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes which later opened the door for an internship at Yellow Creek Baptist Church in Daviess County, where he worked with the pastor to students.

“Jim Coleman [assistant professor of religion} was a great help to me, too. We spent a lot of time in his office, and he shared memories of his experiences as minister. He and Shawn Tomes are great people, and their guidance has meant everything to me.”

Jonah also became an RA [resident assistant} his junior year. “I pushed myself to do it, and the experience helped me develop leadership skills.”

After two years on the football team, Jonah decided to focus on campus ministries and left the team. He also declared a minor in Christian Ministries. Jonah will enter Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall to prepare for a ministry to middle and high school students. “I still love football, but my direction in life changed. I wanted to concentrate on ministry, but I’m sure my love for the game and for competition will assist me in relating to students.”

Congratulations, Jonah, on your acceptance to seminary, and best wishes as you prepare for ministry.