Kentucky Wesleyan adopts tuition model that includes textbooks

Kentucky Wesleyan College has announced another significant investment in student success with the inclusion of textbooks into full-time, on-campus tuition costs beginning in fall 2022.

“At Wesleyan, student success is our top priority, and this effort is another step toward ensuring students have all the tools they need to be successful from day one,” said Matthew Ruark, vice president of admissions and financial aid. “For many first-time college-going families, textbook costs are a barrier to make the successful transition to higher education. We are proud to introduce this tuition model and provide equal access to academic resources.”

This follows the announcement of the Commonwealth Commitment, an unprecedented scholarship investment by Wesleyan into high performing, first-year Kentucky students who need additional scholarship support to achieve a college degree.

Wesleyan has long been innovative in providing student success services to students including no-cost tutoring, study sessions and placing course materials in the Greenwell Library and Learning Center for students. This effort advances those efforts to ensure that students are equipped and resourced to be successful in the classroom.

“Students without course materials fall behind, struggling to keep up with and fully engage in course subject matter,” said Ruark. “Additionally, because the institution is purchasing materials in bulk, the actual per student cost of textbooks is decreased, providing savings across campus that individual students would not individually be able to realize.”