Kentucky Wesleyan College Announces Estate Gift to Music Program

Owensboro, Ky. (May 26, 2015) – Kentucky Wesleyan College is pleased to announce, and is grateful to accept, a gift of $62,000 from Dr. Paul W. Hagan through his estate.  Dr. Hagan passed away in February of 2015.  He was a resident of Rockport, Ind. His bequest establishes the Dr. Paul W. Hagan Music Endowment, an investment in the college that will permanently fund awards to outstanding music students and continue the concert series in his name.   Dr. Hagan was a long-time friend of the college’s music department. “He was a very kind man.  He was also an organist who loved to share the joy of music,” remarked Dr. Diane Earle, Professor of Music and Artist in Residence at Wesleyan.

“He was a supporter of Kentucky Wesleyan music for a very long time and has sponsored our concert series for 17 years. Dr. Hagan regularly attended our music performances and was a committed and enthusiastic supporter of our performers. He particularly championed Visiting Artist in Residence in Violin Alfred Abel.   Kentucky Wesleyan will miss Dr. Hagan so much, but we are very grateful for his generosity.  His love of Kentucky Wesleyan music will live on through performances for all to enjoy.”

The renowned Kentucky Wesleyan music program continues to grow and receive national recognition with the addition of faculty to support an emphasis on instrumental, vocal and keyboard performance. The college’s music students, alumni and faculty have impact in places all over the world including, but not limited to, many Owensboro community organizations, churches, the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, civic groups, and, of course, as educators in schools all across the region, the state of Kentucky and beyond.

“Dr. Hagan was a generous man who had a passion for Kentucky Wesleyan and our music programming,” said Wesleyan President Barton D. Darrell. “He became a fixture at our musical performances, and he obviously wanted to make sure he could continue to have a positive influence on Wesleyan music beyond his life on Earth.   We are grateful for his generosity and for his example of how one person can make such a profound difference in the lives of others.”

-Kentucky Wesleyan College-