Kentucky Wesleyan College Announces Innovative Partnership with Empowerment Academy

Kentucky Wesleyan College and the Empowerment Academy have created an innovative partnership to assist high school students as they pursue their academic goals during high school and college.  Students who qualify for this program will reside on the Wesleyan campus as they continue their high school careers while also completing college courses.

The partnership is designed to help students graduate from high school and make a smooth transition to college, and the program will help qualified students gain confidence as they prepare for successful futures and seek their college degrees. 

David Boswell, chair of the Empowerment Academy Board of Directors said, “We are excited to announce this creative opportunity for high school students who lack the resources and support to complete high school and pursue a college education.  We look forward to working with the high school counselors and Kentucky Wesleyan College staff to provide accommodations and support. The Empowerment Academy’s mission is to encourage participants to pursue completion of their high school education in addition to providing them an opportunity to take college courses and provide access to life skills training.”

Kentucky Wesleyan President Barton D. Darrell stated, “Kentucky Wesleyan College continues to seek new partnerships that enhance our community and provide opportunities for our future leaders.  By identifying a need and working with the Daviess County and Owensboro Public Schools in partnership with the Empowerment Academy, we hope to make a college education a reality for students who have the intellectual ability but lack the support and resources.”   

Daviess County Public School and Owensboro Public School superintendents have committed to meeting transportation needs to students from their respective districts who will be residing on the Wesleyan campus.

“This is a great partnership between the Empowerment Academy and Kentucky Wesleyan College that will provide an opportunity for students to be successful.  I’m thankful for everyone who made this a reality.  Kentucky Wesleyan College continues to be a great partner in our community under the leadership of President Bart Darrell,” said Dr. Nick Brake, Owensboro Public Schools superintendent.

Matt Robbins, superintendent of Daviess County Public Schools, said, “When an 18-year-old with several months of high school left finds herself/himself living in a challenging environment, academic achievement takes a backseat to their most basic needs. I commend the Empowerment Academy board and Kentucky Wesleyan College for working diligently to provide a solution to one of our community’s most challenging barriers to learning for high school students.”

Empowerment Academy participants must maintain acceptable grades in both high school and college level courses and follow Wesleyan and Empowerment Academy rules.  College coursework will take place on Wesleyan’s campus and students will participate in other campus activities to help acclimate Empowerment Academy participants to the living environment.

“We are excited about the Empowerment Academy and the positive impact this partnership will have on our students,” said George Powell, Director of Student Services for Owensboro Independent Schools.

“We hope the opportunity for a stable environment will provide them with the structure and safety needed for successful graduation from high school and transitioning to adulthood.” 

High School students interested in becoming Empowerment Academy participants are asked to contact the Youth Services Center Counselor at their high school or Family Resource and Youth Service Center personnel at the district level.