Kentucky Wesleyan College Announces Spring 2015 Graduates

Bachelor of Arts

Daviess County:

Preston Middleton, Theatre; JeanAnne Wagner, Summa Cum Laude, Spanish Education; Regina Powers, Summa Cum Laude, English and Political Science; Heather Corley, Art and Graphic Design.

McLean County:

Kristina Crewse, Cum Laude, Art and Graphic Design.

Other Kentucky cities:

Katherine Dettloff, History, Madisonville; Brandon Harper, Art and Graphic Design, Morganfield;Michael Hellmueller, Magna Cum Laude, Communication Arts, Louisville; Hannah Hudnall,Magna Cum Laude, Art and Graphic Design, Russellville; Abigail Weston, English, Dawson Springs.

Spencer County Ind.:

Wesley Ward, Art and Graphic Design.


Elizabeth Clodfelter, Religion, Olney, Ill.

Bachelor of Music

Daviess County:

James Wells, Cum Laude, Music.


Nadia Wilkes, Music, Pleasantville, N.J.; Corey Moore, Music, Holly Springs, N.C.

Bachelor of Music Education

Daviess County:  Kenneth Basham, Music Education.


Bachelor of Science

Daviess County:

Christakis Agisilaou, Exercise Science; Amanda Aldridge, Magna Cum Laude, Chemistry;Jordan Barlow, Cum Laude, Elementary Education;  Stephanie Bickett, Elementary Education;Ryan Brewer, Cum Laude, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Sarah Brock, Cum Laude, Exercise Science; Justin Bush, Magna Cum Laude, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Philpot; Juanita Daugherty, Psychology;  Daniel Deno Jr., Business Administration; Zackary Duvall, Exercise Science; Taylor Elliott, Summa Cum Laude, Chemistry; Logan Ferguson, Cum Laude, Business Administration; Shalana Friend, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Emily Galloway, Exercise Science; John Gleason, Business Administration; Courtney James, Criminal Justice and Criminology;  Damion James, Criminal Justice and Criminology;  Kelsey Jarboe, Zoology; Bridget Johnson, Communication Arts; Joseph Keelin, Criminal Justice and Criminology;  Julia Klump,Cum Laude, Chemistry; Paige Kramer, Summa Cum Laude, Elementary Education; Yitong Liu, Business Administration; David Murphy, Business Administration; Sydney O’Hearn, Magna Cum Laude, Communication Arts; Dharti Patel, Cum Laude, Business Administration; Luke Robertson,Cum Laude, Exercise Science; Ifeanyichukwu Ude, Communication Arts; Neha Vora, Biology; Joshua White, Fitness and Sport Management; Krystin Waldron, Cum Laude, Elementary Education; Alicia Whear, Summa Cum Laude, Biology.

Hancock County:

Katherine Newton, Criminal Justice and Criminology and Psychology.

Muhlenberg County:

Joshua Mundy, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Meagan Sallee, Physical Education; Kyle Winters, English.

Ohio County:

Brittany Brown, Chemistry; Leslie Chinn, Summa Cum Laude, Chemistry; Celia Culbertson, Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Perry County, Indiana:

Josalyn Ress, Elementary Education.

Spencer County, Indiana:

Nicholas O’Nan, Criminal Justice and Criminology; Anna Owens, Summa Cum Laude, Biology and Chemistry; Malcolm Webb, Middle Grades Education.

Other Kentucky cities:

Cori Anderson, Business Administration, Monticello; Anna Ayers, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Louisville; Justin Bramblett, Zoology, Shelbyville; Bradley Broughton, Magna Cum Laude, General Studies, Louisville; Katelyn Broughton, Zoology, Georgetown; Robert Calbert, Business Administration, Louisville; Katherine Champion-Norris, Business Administration, Robards; Barry Nix Crawford, Middle Grades Education, Bowling Green; Ashley Crooke, Exercise Science, Henderson; Madison Dayberry, Summa Cum Laude, Mathematics, Morganfield; Sydni Fazenbaker, Cum Laude, Chemistry, Madisonville; Sara Fleischmann, Magna Cum Laude, Accounting, Henderson; Jordan Gary, Psychology, Hopkinsville; Tara Hagan, Elementary Education, Louisville; Tyler Howard, Fitness and Sport Management, Glasgow; Jennifer Jeffries,Magna Cum Laude, Middle Grades Education, Garfield; Jacob Jenkins, Business Administration, Louisville; Haley Kauffman, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Paducah; Justin Kittel, Psychology, Smithland; Patrick Neel, Accounting, Henderson; Thomas Norris, Business Administration, Henderson; Rick Oakley, Chemistry, Nebo; Stephanie Pearson, Cum Laude, Accounting and Business Administration, Robards; Amber Pendergraft, Cum Laude, Psychology, Henderson;Shelby Phillips, Summa Cum Laude, Psychology, Wheatcroft; Hannah Priest, Summa Cum Laude, Elementary Education, Louisville; Patrick Schirmer, Mathematics, Elizabethtown; Cody Stillwell, Zoology, Florence; Riley Thompson, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Henderson.

Other Indiana cities:

Linda Albrecht, Cum Laude, Business Administration, Indianapolis; Nathan Ballinger, Exercise Science, Vincennes; Chelsea Brothers, Summa Cum Laude, Middle Grades Education, Indianapolis; Madison Cleveland, Exercise Science, Brownsburg; James Key, Business Administration, Mount Vernon; Jack Kiely, Cum Laude, Communication Arts, Evansville; Denzel Thomas, History, Evansville.


Summer Alford, Communication Arts, Fort Worth, Texas; Mark Arterburn, Business Administration, Greer, S.C.; Debra Paige Baisden, Zoology, Houston, Texas; Brandon Castner, Zoology, Leesport, Pa.; Donte Castro, Chemistry, El Paso, Texas; Jordan Collier, Exercise Science, Whitleyville, Tenn.; Kyle Emig, Business Administration, Trenton, Ill.; Erica Gallois, Legal Studies, Sparta, Ill.; Jordanne Gambill, Cum Laude, Biology, Clarksville, Ohio; Rae Garvison, Health Sciences, Lawrence, Mich.; Danielle Hadler, Summa Cum Laude, Psychology, Medina, Ohio; Toni Konkal, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Carthage, N.Y.; Gary McMeekin, Exercise Science, Ireland; Jawad Mir, Physics, Stafford, Texas; Larry Robinson, Communication Arts, Clarksville, Tenn.; Seth Sharp, Exercise Science, LaFollette, Tenn.; Kathryn Swanson, Theatre, New York City, N.Y.

Pre-Engineering Certificate of Completion

Christopher Luke Woodward, Physics, Frankfort.