Kentucky Wesleyan receives $100,000 gift

Contribution from Michael E. Horn to benefit General Scholarship Fund

Kentucky Wesleyan College announces the receipt of a gift of $100,000 from Michael E. Horn to benefit the school’s General Scholarship Fund.  This time last year, the Horn Family Foundation made a similar gift to the College. 

“Kentucky Wesleyan is appreciative and humbled by Mike Horn’s continued support of and commitment to his alma mater.  Mr. Horn and his family have long been significant participants in helping young people who want a Wesleyan education.  Here on campus, we adhere to ‘The Wesleyan Way’ principles of honor, support for each other, competition with integrity and love for each other.  Mike Horn lives out these principles each and every day, and we are honored to be able to identify him and his family as models for our students,” said President Barton D. Darrell.

Ninety-eight percent of Kentucky Wesleyan students receive financial assistance from the General Scholarship Fund each year.  In addition to the Horn gift, the school also received a $25,000 contribution to the fund from a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous.