Kentucky Wesleyan Zoology Program offers event on the world of spiders

The Kentucky Wesleyan College Zoology Program invites the public (ages 3 and older) to take part in a fun and engaging learning experience in the Nature Center Shelter in the Jim Lambert Pioneer Village at Yellow Creek Park on Saturday, May 8, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The event does not include purposely scary props or activities.

“Whether you like, dislike, or even fear spiders, they are an incredibly important part of the communities in which they live,” said Dr. Jeremy Gibson, zoology program coordinator and assistant professor of zoology. “They are often key members of food webs as they typically create linkages between many different organisms.

Dr. Gibson added, “All spiders rely on substrate-borne vibrations to sense the world around them and depending on the type of spider, they may rely on a web or whatever they might be standing on to listen for prey. Here in Kentucky, our forests, fields and even our houses are homes to several different types of spiders. We will share some of their world through crafts, an interactive activity and a scavenger hunt.”

The event is free. Contact Dr. Gibson at or 270-852-3165 with questions.