Meet Aaron Eaves

Class of 2016

What factors led you to Wesleyan four years ago?

I knew the excellent reputation of the music faculty, and my sister, Callie (2013 graduate, completing doctorate in physical therapy), had a great experience at Wesleyan.

Aaron EvesHow has Wesleyan influenced you?

I have definitely changed my way of thinking. Everything is not as black and white as I used to see the world. There are many ways to approach life and many perspectives. I learned that I am responsible for my life, and my professors have pushed me and taught me to be self-motivated.

Tell us about your student teaching experience.

I have had very positive experiences at Highland Elementary and Daviess County High School. I felt confident and well-prepared by my incredible professors, both in the music department and in the education department. Our faculty has very high expectations for their students, and I learned that the public schools in the areas know and appreciate the fine reputation Kentucky Wesleyan has.

How would you describe your Wesleyan experience to a high school student?

Professors don’t just teach their students, they develop relationships with their students. My professors became my friends. They want me to succeed; they will want you to succeed. They celebrate our successes.

Tell us about someone at Wesleyan who has mentored you.

My voice teacher, Professor Dennis Jewett.

He has a passion for teaching, and he invests 100% in his students. He molds his teaching to the needs of his students, and I know he helped me get my foot in the door at Westminster.

Share several memories of your Wesleyan years.

My favorite event all four years was performing in The Festival of Lessons and Carols just before Christmas. It means so much to the College and to the attendees. I will never forget what it is like to stand in the beautiful St. Stephen Cathedral and take part in that service. Each year was amazing. I also appreciated the collaboration between the College and the community. Being on stage with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra was another amazing experience.

What did you find particularly challenging during these four years, and how did it affect you?

That’s easy. My toughest class was political science with Dr. Bill Conroy. No matter how well-prepared I thought I was, he always pushed me further and then further again! But I learned that I was capable of accomplishing more and learning more than I thought possible, so his class was a good and valuable challenge.

What advice would you give the incoming Wesleyan students this fall?

Focus – don’t just go through the motions. Focus – use your time wisely.

What do you do for fun?

I don’t have much time for fun!! Seriously, I am so fortunate because my academic major is my passion. I sing! I also play tennis with Dr. Naylor.

Graduation day is almost here! Congratulations!

Thank you! I’m feeling emotional, and a mixture of happiness and sadness. I’m also wondering, “Where did these four years go? It went so fast! It was great!”

Aaron, we wish you the very best. Wherever you go, you will take Wesleyan with you. Stay in touch, and come back to visit often!