Meet Dr. BC Childress ’05

Meet Dr. BC Childress ’05

New President of the Alumni Association

We are pleased to welcome BC Childress as the new president of the Alumni Association. He is the clinical pharmacy manager at Owensboro Health.

BCChildressHometown: Greenville, Ky.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in chemistry

Sullivan University, Louisville, master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with focus in healthcare management, and postgraduate residency in drug information

Mercer University, Atlanta, doctor of pharmacy

Family: Married with four children

Tell us about your experiences as a student at Kentucky Wesleyan.

“I attended basketball games here as a kid with my Dad. We moved to Ohio when I was in high school, but I never forgot Wesleyan! When I was in high school, Kentucky Wesleyan recruiters reached out to me. I had already been accepted to Brigham Young University but visited Wesleyan because I knew the College’s reputation. I loved it here when I visited, and I was offered the Brown Scholarship, so I chose Wesleyan.

Prior to starting at Wesleyan, I volunteered to serve a two-year mission for my church, and I was sent to the Dominican Republic to serve the people and share the gospel.  Kentucky Wesleyan was gracious enough to hold my scholarship for me during those two years.

The mission experience certainly shaped my life. I arrived at Wesleyan as a student just one month after I returned from the Dominican Republic, and Wesleyan shaped me further.

I had a fantastic time here. I loved the chemistry program. I played on the golf team for two years, but then chemistry took over! There was also a coffee shop in Massie during those years, and I frequently played music there with friends – everything from Van Morrison to Dave Matthews.

You mentioned that Wesleyan shaped you. Who in particular had a part in shaping you here?

“Dr. W. L. Magnuson, who was my advisor. He started me on my path to a fulfilling career and helped me get a summer research internship at the University of Louisville in neuro-psychiatry. I was involved in the Pre-Professional Society here, and I was a chemistry teaching and lab assistant – all good experiences that helped prepare me for pharmacy school.

I also took two communications courses with Pam Gray. She was a great teacher and became a great friend. I’ll never forget the Native American media class I took with her that included travel to Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.  What a fantastic experience!”

Tell us about your career path and your current responsibilities.

Following my residency, I was a member of the faculty at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy for six years.  While there, I was appointed as the first director of the Center for Health and Wellness, where I focused my work for three years.

I joined Owensboro Health in February 2015. As a Pharmacy Department manager, I oversee all clinical pharmacy operations—including the 30 clinical pharmacists and 2 pharmacy residents that report to me. I am responsible for high-risk medication monitoring, IV antibiotics, and I oversee the admission and discharge medication reconciliation processes to ensure a smooth transition as patients come and go from the hospital.  I am involved in various interdisciplinary initiatives to develop innovative solutions to improve patient care with the medical and nursing staff.

I am very proud to work with an organization that values high-quality patient care as Owensboro Health does.  I think that is why Owensboro Health has been rated in the top 2 percent in the nation with Healthgrades.

In what ways have you been involved with Wesleyan since your graduation?

I have enjoyed attending events with chemistry alumni, and I have really appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with faculty and fellow chemistry graduates. I heard President Darrell speak at an alumni event in Louisville a few years ago, and I was impressed with what he shared. Shortly after, I was given several opportunities for more involvement.  I’ve now been on the Alumni Association Board for just over one year.

What are your impressions of your alma mater after one year on the Alumni Association Board?

We have excellent leadership, and I believe we are well-positioned to go to new levels.  Our future is bright! Attending Wesleyan was a gift to me, and I feel we are poised to provide an education to an increasing number of students – and it will be a gift to them, too. I’m excited to be involved at this exciting time in Wesleyan’s history.

What are your plans as president of the Alumni Association?

We must evaluate how we operate as an alumni body.  We need to be an effective tool of the College.  I hope to help us become more effective by increasing our role in recruiting new students, serving as a resource to current students, and providing guidance to help graduating students transition to active alumni.

How do you spend your spare time?

Family time! We play music (I play guitar and piano), travel, camp, play golf, and enjoy sports.

Where do your travels take you?

We don’t go anywhere too exciting or exotic.  We bike and hike and take an annual trip to the Gulf Coast with my siblings.  The biggest adventures come from just spending time together.

How would you describe Kentucky Wesleyan to a high school student/parents?

You will enjoy a personalized experience that is not available at a large university. That is exactly what I needed, and I was better prepared for pharmacy school than students who had attended big schools. There is a vast difference between a PowerPoint-auditorium education and a face-to-face, personalized education. The face-to-face experience served me well. Advanced organic chemistry was tough, but when there were only three students in class I got the personal attention and help I needed to succeed.

Thank you for your time, BC, and congratulations on being elected president of the Alumni Association!