Meet Freshman Mitch Jones

Director of Development and Donor Relations M. Blake Harrison describes Mitch Jones as the model student and employee. “He is professional, punctual and dedicated,” says Harrison.

Jones welcomed several folks into the President’s Circle, a new giving society reserved for donors who contribute $1,000+ during the fiscal year.

“Shortly after Phonathon started, he was using personal experiences and anecdotes – he didn’t need a script. That is why he was so successful,” Harrison said.

Public Relations intern Simeon Pogue learned more about Mitch Jones in this interview:

Tell us about yourself.

“I am from Fort Thomas, Ky., which is just two miles outside Cincinnati. I am majoring in business and hope to go into sales. Currently, I am thinking about a minor in biology or accounting.”

Those are very different fields. Why those?

“I am thinking of the biology minor because I may want to go into pharmaceutical sales. And the accounting minor would just prepare me for a job with more complex mathematics.”

Why did you choose Wesleyan?

“I wanted to play baseball at the collegiate level, and I wanted a school I felt was the best overall fit for me personally.

I had a few criteria:

  1. I wanted a good academic program in the Bluegrass State that would look good on a resume.
  2. It had to have a good baseball program. I like to win.
  3. I had to like the coach.

Additionally, I met President Darrell on my visit to Wesleyan. He was awesome. He’s the only college president I met on any of my baseball visits to other schools.”

When did you know Wesleyan was for you?

“After my initial visit, I knew right away that Wesleyan was the place for me. I arrived on campus on August 22, and I’ve been loving it ever since!”

What are you involved in on campus?

“I took part in Phonathon, I play baseball and I volunteer at a local animal shelter.”

Did you enjoy Phonathon?

“It went very well – a great experience.  When I originally learned about Phonathon in September, I knew it would be good sales experience and a way to help the College.

I have talked to some great alumni; including some who are in sales. I received important advice from several of them.”

What are your initial impressions of Wesleyan?

“I really, really, like that it is a small school, especially since all my teachers have been very one-on-one. They really care about their students and their success. They are very interactive teachers, and they are understanding when it comes to student-athletes, which I really appreciate –  just all-around great teachers.

The dorms are awesome! At every other school I visited, the dorms were bad. The dorms here are pretty great. It’s a wonderful campus, and Owensboro is a great city with many opportunities.”

You will soon complete your first semester. What are your plans for your future college career?

“I’m really interested in the Sophomore Experience Program next year. There are many opportunities for involvement, including leadership roles, and I will figure out what works for me.”

Why do you think you felt at home here so quickly?

“I feel comfortable asking questions without fear of negative responses. As The Wesleyan Way states, ‘We love one another.’ And it’s true. Everyone really does care about each other here. There are so many great people here.”