Meet Kaitlyn Steward

Why did you choose Wesleyan?

I visited a number of colleges and universities my senior year in high school. My math teacher, Dustin Winslow, graduated from Wesleyan in 2010, and he suggested I visit here. Holly Blackburn, a Wesleyan student from near my hometown, took me on a tour. I was sold! No other college visits for me!

Kaitlyn StewardTell us about your extracurricular activities.

I am secretary of DEEDS (Defining Excellence with Everyday Service), a member of the Stage Brigade, Art Club, Wind Ensemble, yearbook staff and the Kentucky Education Association Student Program. I’m also a set designer for the theatre program.

How would you describe your Wesleyan experience to a high school student?

My professors are exceptional. They have reached out to me, and they have pushed me to my limits!

Professor Beth Demunbrun asked me to do set designs for two plays, “Edges” and “Dr. Faustus.” I’m going to work on the set design for “Alice in Wonderland” this spring. Professor Heather Logsdon has asked me to enter work in an art show of women artists here in Owensboro. They have given me great opportunities I never would have considered on my own.

When I arrived here as a freshman, I was incredibly nervous. I guess everyone is. But Wesleyan soon became my home away from home. It didn’t take long! The faculty and staff were kind and made extra efforts to make me feel comfortable.

Tell us about the Sophomore Experience Program.

Amazing and awesome. It has been eye-opening and the seminars on time management and dealing with stress were helpful. The career panels are great, and I loved the trip to Give Kids the World in Florida.

Tell us about “Give Kids the World.”

It was the experience of a lifetime. I will always remember it, and I hope to go back. We met people from around the world at the “Give Kids the World Village,” which relies very heavily on the work of volunteers. I would encourage anyone to volunteer there. Rebecca McQueen, the director the Sophomore Experience Program, was amazing. She made sure we had a great experience, and we did.

The New Year’s Eve celebration with the children and their parents was wonderful. We had a countdown and watched the ball drop, which we did it early in the evening, because of their early bedtimes. We formed a circle and danced around the kids, and they were so happy. I can still see the looks on their faces.

What does The Wesleyan Way mean to you?

It is practicing the Golden Rule, living a Christian lifestyle, being grateful for my life and for the people in my life, and seeking to be a blessing to others.

What are planning to do after graduation?

I would love to go back to my hometown to teach, but I will be happy to teach where I can find a job. Wherever I am, I will do what Mr. Winslow did for me – I will tell my students about Kentucky Wesleyan and what a wonderful place it is.