Meet Lindsey Powell ‘16

“We presented Lindsey with doors, and she opened them.”

Dr. Evelyn Hiatt
Academic Advisor

“Lindsey is the perfect example of how federal work study dollars can benefit a student with off-campus relevant experience. The Federal Work Study program paid Lindsey, a FWS eligible student, to volunteer at John James Audubon State Park. After working there eight months, the Audubon staff knew she was a good fit, and they hired her as assistant naturalist – her first career position as a new graduate. I was honored to help her connect the dots with the FWS and the park.”

Margaret Cambron

Director of Career Development and Service Learning

Lindsey 2 Tell us why you choose Wesleyan.

“I got my GED at age 19. I then attended Henderson Community College. I knew I wanted to major in zoology and that Wesleyan had a zoology program. I attended Science Day and I got a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) scholarship and other financial aid. I fell in love with the faculty and the campus that day. Dean Dehn and Dr. Hiatt were very welcoming and helpful.”

You transferred from a community college. Tell us about the transition to Wesleyan.

“I found the first semester here to be very interesting. I thought it would be challenging to become acclimated to Wesleyan, but that was not the case. Dr. Shannon Finerty was very reassuring, and Dr. Scot Payne made me feel comfortable. He has a great sense of humor and even sang in class! They co-taught General Biology I. I loved it.”

How would you describe Kentucky Wesleyan to high school/community college students?

“My professors were very approachable and easy to talk with – I didn’t find them to be intimidating at all, though that is what I anticipated when I arrived. If a student wants to pursue science, I encourage them to consider Wesleyan. The faculty pushed me, and I appreciate that. They are now encouraging me to get my master’s degree. They believed in me. What more could you ask for than for someone to believe in you?”

Who will you always remember as mentors and why?

“First of all, I would say that Dr. Hiatt, my advisor was a mentor. She was always very encouraging and helped me graduate earlier than I had originally planned.

Also, Margaret Cambron, the director of career development, was a great help. I had volunteered at the Mesker Park Zoo several years ago, and she helped me get two internships at the John James Audubon State Park in Henderson. I worked in the Nature Center and took care of turtles, snakes, frogs, toads, geckos, hawks and a barred owl. I showed them to visitors and shared information about them and answered questions. She also arranged for me to volunteer there as part of the Federal Work Study program.

Thanks to Ms. Cambron’s assistance, I started my first post-graduation job as an assistant naturalist at the park the Monday after graduation.”

Are there other special memories of Kentucky Wesleyan you would like to share?

“I did the Junior Seminar and the Senor Seminar the same semester. I learned to write and present in the science field, and I did a study on pollution in the Cuyahoga River. I also studied the history of pollution and how pollution is being addressed.

I also studied water quality in the lakes at Audubon Park and presented the project at Scholars’ Day in April.”

We know you will do a marvelous job at John James Audubon Park. What else is in your future?

“I am interested in wildlife conservation. I loved the conservation biology class I took with Dr. Finerty. I’m looking into master’s programs and would someday like to work with the National Park Service or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.”

Congratulations! What accomplishments. Stay in touch and keep us posted. You have an exciting life ahead and much to offer.

Here’s more about Lindsey from Dr. Evelyn Hiatt

“Lindsey’s path was not the standard path, but she succeeded in reaching her goals, and it was obvious that her family was very supportive and proud – especially her grandmother, who has a standing invitation to visit the Hahn Science Center anytime!

Lindsey impressed the faculty with her work ethic and positive attitude. She was one of the best lab assistants I’ve ever had.

We presented her with doors, and she opened them. She took advantage of all the opportunities Wesleyan provided to her. She also received the Philip Rarick Edwards Microbiology Award at Honors Convocation, which is awarded for enthusiasm, diligence and a high level of achievement in academic microbiology.”