Meet Michael Mosby

Class of 2017
2008 graduate of Hancock County High School
Education major, health and physical education P – 12
Married to Lacey, the Family Resource Center Coordinator at North Hancock Elementary
Former minor league third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles (four years)

Why did you choose Kentucky Wesleyan?

I knew the College’s reputation for excellence, and the financial aid package was appealing. Wesleyan was an ideal choice for me.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

I didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue in high school. I played baseball on a scholarship at Wabash Valley Community College in Illinois and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. My mother-in-law suggested that I substitute teach during the off-season while I was playing for the Orioles. I enjoyed the students and several people suggested that I earn my degree in education and teach full-time.

Describe your experiences as a Wesleyan student.

I love that I’m not listening to lectures in large auditoriums with 300 students. I love the family atmosphere. Even though I’m a non-traditional student who lives off-campus, I experience and appreciate the family atmosphere. I love that classes are small enough that I can communicate with my professors and with fellow students. The interaction is quite valuable.

OriolesTell us about the interaction with your professors.

I’ve learned to think critically, and I’m more open-minded about seeing all sides of an issue. I have appreciated Dr. Roger Gardner’s classes in philosophy and health. He has challenged me to think more critically.

Dr. Conroy demands a lot of study, and he is particular. I have to be at the top of my game. He pushes me to my limits, and I’ve learned what I’m capable of and what I can accomplish.

Dr.. Lowing gets us out into the community and helps us make connections with people who can be future resources.

The education professors are outstanding. They make themselves available. I like that I know them. They are approachable and supportive.

What is your favorite class?

Adaptive Physical Education, to learn how to teach students with special needs.

What strengths will you bring to the classroom when you teach?

The passion for teaching and for my students.

I want every student to know I care about them and their education.

I can personally relate to my students.

I love to read and learn, I want to encourage them and instill the same loves and passions in my students, so they will develop an intrinsic motivation to continuously learn throughout their lifetimes.

How do you spend your free time?

My wife and I are very involved in our church. We want others to experience the love of Christ. That means everything to us. I am also the assistant baseball coach at Hancock County High School.

Share a special memory of your time at Wesleyan.

I have been observing in a local high school classroom and had the opportunity to teach a class recently.  The teacher later told me I was well-prepared to teach and that the Wesleyan Education Program is excellent. This was gratifying and validating. I can’t wait to get a job and get into the classroom, but in the meantime, I know I’m getting the best training here at Wesleyan.

Lastly, which pro baseball team do you follow?

St. Louis Cardinals – They have been my team all my life. But I love the Orioles, too. Playing for them was a great experience.