Meet the President’s Cabinet – Mark Shook, Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics

Hometown: Rittman, Ohio

Bowling Green State University, B.S. Education, Secondary Education, Earth Science
Ashland University, M.Ed. Sport Administration/Education

What are your chief responsibilities?
I am responsible for the College’s Division II NCAA Intercollegiate Athletics program consisting of 22 sport programs and recruit and lead nearly 40 part-time and full-time coaches and staff, who lead nearly 400 student-athletes. I also oversee the operating budget and fundraising for the department.

Your career:
I spent 10 years as a high school science teacher and baseball, football and girls’ basketball coach in Ohio and have been in college athletics administration for the past 20 years at Purdue, Bowling Green, Wisconsin and KWC.

What is your perspective about the college after being here three years?
I have really enjoyed the small school feeling and knowing nearly everyone involved including students, staff, faculty, alumni and donors. I have been on campuses of nearly 50,000 students and it was really hard to connect beyond your work peers. Also, I feel like I’ve built a really good team in Athletics, and we have been able to make several positive impacts across nearly all of our sport programs. We’ve only just begun.

What are our strengths?
Our strengths are our people and our campus community. Simply put, we need “all-stars” at every position in order to provide the best experience for our students. I believe in Dr. Mitzel and his vision to lead us to new heights as an institution. I also believe in our Board of Trustees and their commitment to making KWC the best it can be for current students and generations to come.

I believe in a “One Team” mentality in that we are better together, and I see that growing each day here at KWC. It is not a one-way relationship in that each of us must be committed to the vision and to each other to make it work.

Our challenges?
Simply the challenges that any small, private college faces. We are in a competitive world, and we need to continue to innovate and build to attract and retain the best and brightest, amidst a shrinking pool of high school graduates. There are limits to our resources and staffing so we must be resourceful and creative to do all we want to do.

What does The Wesleyan Way mean to you?
It means what it says in how we are part of a community that strives for honor, support, integrity and love in all things. It was what initially attracted me to the school in my research.

What about your life beyond campus?
I am a first-generation college graduate who grew up in a disciplined, blue-collar home and am proud to have my best friend in my wife, Emily, of 26 years and as dad to three amazing daughters. We have a little dog, Maximus (Max), as well. I like to play golf as often as possible and maintain a few bonsai trees as well.  I also like to read, watch movies, travel, and just be outside in nature.