Memories from Emory Clark ’80

Why did you want to serve as the alumni association president?

As a member of the Kentucky Wesleyan College Alumni Association Board of Directors for six years, I became more active and interested in what the board’s goals and objectives were in connecting with alumni. When asked if I would consider serving as president, I accepted because I wanted to give back to the College and appreciate how the College prepares young men and women for the future.

Comm16EClark 2As alumni president for the past two years, what accomplishments are you most proud of?

Two things stand out. First, we expanded the board to nearly double its size to include and involve more alumni in the process of advising and aiding the efforts of the College. We also worked closely with the Alumni Office to complete the first full alumni survey in decades.

Why did you choose to attend Wesleyan?

Attending Kentucky Wesleyan was almost a given for me. My father and two uncles are graduates, as well as several cousins and two sisters. I had a legacy with the College, and it was a fit for me. I needed a small college environment, where I would not be lost and could talk with my professors one-on-one. The relationships were great!

What is your most fond memory in your time as a student?

The relationships I built. Kentucky Wesleyan is all about community. One special memory is the night I was selected for the Order of Oak and Ivy, which was a total shock. Another fond memory is the day the senior class spent canoeing on the Blue River right before graduation.

What is a special memory from your years as an alumnus?

One special memory is the time I have spent with alumni from the Winchester era at the August picnics on the Winchester campus. They are such a unique group and are very dedicated to Kentucky Wesleyan. Another memory is of walking through Kendall Hall during the renovation and considering how the mission and progress must continue. Also, I appreciate the memories of reconnecting with friends and family at Homecoming – relationships are for a lifetime, and they are priceless.

Tell us about your life and career path since your graduate from Wesleyan.

I graduated in 1980 with a B.S. in biology and returned to our family farm in Lebanon, Ky., and operated a dairy farm for a couple of years. I started my teaching career in the Bardstown Independent Schools. Eight years later, I began teaching in the Fayette County Schools in Lexington. I met my wife there and was blessed with three wonderful children. I continued to teach for the next 22 years before retiring in 2014. Along the way, I continued my education and acquired an M.A. in secondary education from Western Kentucky University and a Rank I in administration and supervision from the University of Kentucky.

What words of advice would you like to share with incoming president B. C. Childress?

My advice is to get as involved and engaged as possible with Kentucky Wesleyan and make positive connections. Since he lives in Owensboro, B. C. will have the opportunity to be more involved with activities then some presidents who have lived a greater distance away. Promote the College, and engage the alumni!

Thank you, Emory, for your service and dedication. We appreciate you and hope you will continue to visit the campus as often as possible.