Online Programs Top 10 Questions


1. What is the difference between Brightspace and the Student Portal and how do I access each?

Brightspace is the course management system.  This is where you will follow the course, submit assignments, join discussions, and keep in touch with your professor.Brightspace:  Login – Kentucky Wesleyan College ( We recommend you download the Brightspace Pulse app prior to the beginning of your class to access class information on your phone.

The Student Portal is where you can track your academic record and find your degree audit. Kentucky Wesleyan College (
I am a/an in the upper right
Current Student
Student Portal:  Student Portal Login (

2. How do I read my degree audit? When reviewing my degree audit in the student portal, how do I know which catalog is appropriate for me?  Where do I find it on the page?

To locate your degree audit, go into your Student Portal and click on “Registration.”  “Degree Audit is a choice beneath that. Once in, you will find a list of the courses you have taken with the grade you have received, as well as the courses that still need to be taken.  It will also show the requirements you still need to complete.  Be sure to discuss this with your advisor as some courses may fulfill multiple requirements.

3. Do I need to buy textbooks?  If so, how do I order my textbooks?

The syllabus for your class will tell you whether a textbook is required.  The syllabus can be found on Brightspace.  Be sure to check on the textbook requirement far enough in advance to order and receive it before the class begins.

Example: This class (requires/does not require) a textbook. The text for the class is (textbook info). To use a financial aid voucher, purchase this book in the KWC online textbook store at Otherwise, textbooks are available from many sources and in many formats, such as e-texts. Remember: Textbooks are required before Day 1 of class since the online format is accelerated. Be sure to choose adequate shipping methods to guarantee shipment in time for Day 1 of class.

4. Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing Brightspace or have questions about The Student Portal?
Contact for help

5. How long do I have after the term begins to drop or add a class?  How do I do that? Instructions for Drop-Add – Kentucky Wesleyan College Intranet (
After the first week of class, you may no longer add classes. To drop classes at this point, you must obtain a drop/add slip from the Registrar’s Office to proceed. Just a reminder that after the first week of class, if you do not turn a completed drop/add slip in to the Registrar’s Office and obtain your carbon of this slip, you have not dropped your class and will receive a grade for that class.

6. What are the implications of withdrawing from my class?  If you choose to leave a class after the drop-add period, you will receive a “W” for that class.  You can leave a class during the drop-add period and it will not show up on your transcript.  If you withdrawal after the drop-add period it will appear on your transcript.

7. What do I do if something unexpected happens during the middle of the class (such as illness or death in the family)? If something unexpected happens, please contact your faculty member immediately!  You and your professor can discuss the length of time you anticipate the issue to continue and discuss your best alternatives.

8. Who is my advisor and how often should I be in contact with that person?
It is wise to touch base with your advisor before scheduling classes for each term.  They can help you review your Degree Audit and make sure you are on track to reach your goals.  Contact them other times as needed.
Business: Agnes Church 
Graphic Design: Heather Logsdon
Criminal Justice: Kari Miller
General Studies: James Cousins
Psychology: Lynette Taylor
Religion: Jim Coleman
General Questions: Lindsey Crowe

9. How can I do an internship/practicum/externship as a remote student?  How do I sign-up for that experience?
Experiences such as internships/practicums/externships can be done for credit even if the sponsoring organization is not local to Owensboro.  If you are degree seeking and your program has one of these experiences, you can either find one local to yourself or find one that offers a remote opportunity.  Once you have found one, confirm with your advisor that this is an acceptable experience and review the requirements.  When ready, fill out a contract on Handshake. Click on this link for Career Development resources and then choose “Handshake.” The Office of Career Development – Kentucky Wesleyan College ( Instructions for filling out the contract on Handshake can be found here: Internship Forms and Information – Kentucky Wesleyan College Intranet (

10. What important dates do I need to know?

Academic Calendar – Kentucky Wesleyan College (

It is particularly important that you keep in mind all dates for the term.  This includes the last day to withdrawal from your class, when to register for the next term, and the dates of finals.  All dates can be found the Academic Calendar (link above).