Ready to Lead – New Alumni Association President Sam Taylor ’97

Sam Taylor became president of the Kentucky Wesleyan College Alumni Association on June 1.  A native of Orlando, Fla., he played football at Wesleyan and through his experiences at the College and in the Owensboro community as a student, he chose to stay.

Why did you choose Wesleyan?

“I chose Wesleyan because of its character and personal feel. I wasn’t just a number; professors, coaches and administrative staff cared whether I went to class or not.

“I came to Wesleyan from Orlando, Fla., to play football. I knew the program was making strides and that I had the opportunity to make an impact and secure some playing time sooner rather than later. So athletics did influence my decision to call Wesleyan home.”

What stands out most significantly about your experience as a Wesleyan student?

“My teammates, without a doubt. We built bonds with one another. We traveled together, trained together, and we were always there for each other in the good times and the bad. We created relationships that have lasted for 20+ years, and with God’s will, they will last another 20.”

Why did you stay in Owensboro after graduation?

“During my college years, I was exposed to many facets of our community and met numerous people who had ties to Wesleyan. Through my transition into the work force, I began to put down roots here. I believe I have been able to make a larger impact in the community because of my Wesleyan connections and involvement during my college years.”

Tell us about your career.

“My career with Old National Bank started in November of 2006. I am currently managing our two largest banking centers in Owensboro, and with that comes tremendous responsibility. I have a client-driven role, and I see the need to help solve problems and find ways to help each client grow. My overall priority is to develop growth – for our clients, within our team, for each associate personally and at the bottom line for our centers.”

Tell us about your family and how you spend your leisure time.

“I have been happily married to Leigha for 13 years. She is a Murray State alumna and CEO of the Boulware Mission (a local faith-based homeless shelter with a focus on substance abuse). We have two children; a daughter (12) and a son (5). I love spending time with my kids; especially watching my daughter play volleyball and coaching my son’s flag football team.”

What is your perspective on Wesleyan today?

“I love Wesleyan. We are making moves to show growth on many levels. President Darrell has taken Wesleyan to new heights in the community and has surrounded himself with a great team. I’m very proud to wear purple and to be a Panther.”

What are your plans/goals as president of the Alumni Association, and what does this new responsibility mean to you?

“My plans and goals are to follow through with what BC Childress began. I also hope to be a voice for those alumni who feel they have never been heard. By using our intentional focus on points of interest, we hope to re-connect with several alumni who have been disconnected for some time. We plan to host events designed around these focus areas, so we can create new interest in Wesleyan.”