Scholars’ Academy Introduces High School Seniors to The Wesleyan Way

Thirty-seven rising high school seniors from four states (Ky., Ill., Tenn., Nev.) and 10 Kentucky counties experienced college life and The Wesleyan Way in the fast-paced immersion program from June 24-30. Attendees lived in dorms, attended classes, explored downtown Owensboro and participated in service learning activities at Girls Inc., Boulware Mission and Habitat for Humanity. Classes explored leadership traits, creativity, group dynamics, values and ethics, and accountability. The students were honored at a closing ceremony in Rogers Hall. The inaugural Scholars’ Academy was held in June 2016. Over 50 percent of the 2016 and 2017 participants enrolled at Wesleyan.

These rising sophomores took part in the inaugural Scholars’ Academy in 2016 and served as enthusiastic residential counselors this year:

Sarah Dearth:

“My second year at Scholars’ Academy proved equally as challenging as the first. Instead of growing my leadership style this year, I was pushed to take what I had learned as a participant and use it to guide others in finding their leadership abilities.”

Lauren Elliott:

“I had a great time between my junior and senior years in high school when I attended in 2016. I was already thinking about Wesleyan, but Scholars’ Academy solidified my decision. The sessions on leadership helped me become more confident, and I now feel comfortable in leadership roles in my sorority and as a student worker in Admissions because of that experience.

“Serving as a residential counselor this year was great, and I saw the academy from a different perspective. I now appreciate all the staff does to make this a successful, meaningful event for participants.”

Adam Greenwell:

“I found it interesting to observe the changes in the students throughout the week as they got to know one another and became more comfortable with themselves. They were progressively more outgoing and expressive of their ideas after the first few days. We created an environment that fostered leadership and creativity.

“This year was special, as we welcomed so many students from Las Vegas. It was an exceptional week for everyone.”

Nathan Langford:

“I had such a positive experience as a participant in 2016, and I was sold on Wesleyan when the week was over. It was great to be a mentor this year and experience Scholars’ Academy in a different way. I got to watch the students change and grow as the week progressed. They became comfortable with themselves as unique individuals and with the styles of the other students, too. They had all bonded within a few days and didn’t want to leave when the week was over. It was a very successful event.”