Wesleyan Scholars Competition


We are pleased to inform you that based on your academic record and admission status, you are a Presidential Scholar at Kentucky Wesleyan College!

As a Presidential Scholar, you are invited to take part in the Wesleyan Scholars Competition—an opportunity to increase your academic scholarship, available only to the top students admitted to Kentucky Wesleyan! We believe you have the talent and skills necessary to achieve a life of significance with a Wesleyan degree.

The competition will be virtual, consisting of three components: a submitted resume and cover letter, a five-question interview over Zoom, and your already submitted credentials used for admission.  You will earn a $1,000 scholarship—just for taking part!

Participants will earn an additional $250,000 in scholarships through this competition. To indicate your interest to earn additional scholarship money and take part in the Wesleyan Scholars Competition, register online at kwc.edu/scholarscompetition by Wednesday, November 25.