Scholarship Recipient: Sara Garrard

By: Sara Garrard
Webster County High School Graduate
Clay, KY
Wells Scholarship Recipient

Hello, my name is Sara Garrard, and I attended Webster County High School. In my spare time, I enjoy kayaking, hiking, and hanging out with family and friends. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I always strive to be the best version of myself in every aspect of life. During high school, I was captain of the soccer team, SMILE Club spokesperson, PEP Club member, FCCLA member, track team member, and on the youth council executive committee. I was also very involved in my church and enjoyed participating in various community service opportunities. Throughout my senior year, I served as an Americorps intern and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Kentucky Wesleyan has always been a college at the forefront of my mind because of the sense of community it offers. Personal relationships are crucial especially for new college students. I really feel like I can build numerous positive relationships at KWC. During the summer of 2021, I kept getting emails regarding Kentucky Wesleyan Scholars Academy. At first, I was hesitant about attending, but I ended up filling out the application the day it was due. KWC was exactly what I had imagined. Every single person that worked there was extremely kind. They went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable for the week. The upperclassmen were also very welcoming and friendly. After months of prayers, I know this school is exactly where God wants me to be. 

I have heard that the college offers various extracurricular activities for all students, so my goal is to be very involved. I aspire to work with campus ministries, maintain a high GPA, and join a sorority. Community service is truly a passion of mine, so I also hope to be involved with an organization that performs numerous acts of it. I feel that it is a great way to meet people of all walks of life. Currently I am not aware of everything KWC offers, so I may get to college and find a new club that I also really enjoy. 

My goal is to obtain my bachelor’s degree in psychology from KWC then transfer to a larger university to receive my master’s degree. As of right now, my ultimate career goal is to become a clinical psychologist. I plan to promote the College in all my future endeavors because of how much it has truly impacted my life already. I can tell the faculty and staff genuinely care about the lives and students. Ultimately, that is what life is all about, love God and love people!