Title IX Complaint Submission

If you believe you have been sexually harassed or assaulted by any member of the college community or while participating in a college sponsored activity, you are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator, and/or other person listed in the Kentucky Wesleyan College Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Policy. This form is to be used for reporting to the Title IX/Sexual Harassment Officer. If you would like to also initiate a criminal investigation of a sexual assault, call the local Police Department, 911 or (270) 687-8888 as soon as possible.

The Title IX Coordinator is available to provide you with answers to questions you may have about the process and your options, advice and/or referrals. You are not obligated to use your name; however, should you want disciplinary action taken, if appropriate, in response to your allegations(s), your name is essential to the process. If you feel strongly about confidentiality, the Title IX Coordinator can put the person “on notice” and attempt to stop the behavior through an educational process on the law and policy on sexual harassment and the inappropriateness of the person’s conduct. Whatever your decision, the Title IX Coordinator or any other college official is available to assist you in stopping the unwelcome and unwanted conduct.

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  • Incident Information

  • Complainant's Choice of Resolution Option

    After reviewing a copy of the KWC Sexual Harassment & Assault Policy, I choose to pursue resolution of my complaint through the following process. If I do not wish my complaint to be pursued, however, I have been advised that, because the college is legally required to investigate all egregious acts of sexual harassment, the college reserves the right to investigate my complaint if it is deemed necessary to protect the interests of the college or the community. I will be advised if the college elects to conduct an investigation.
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