Welcome, Rebekah “Robie” Dickinson ’24 – A Third Generation Panther

Freshman Robie Dickinson and her classmates anticipated their arrival at KWC with the usual sense of anticipation and mix of emotions that accompanies the transition from home to college life.

“I was very nervous about moving into the dorm because I didn’t want to be away from my family,” Robie explained. “But now that I’m here and settled into my room, I really love it.”

Robie’s first semester classes include algebra, criminal justice, writing workshop, fitness and wellness and freshman seminar. “I was nervous about going to classes the first few days, but like moving into the dorm, once I got there, I was fine.”

Her parents and grandmother are Wesleyan alumni, and as Robie investigated colleges, she included KWC on her list of schools to consider. “I really loved it here when I visited, so the decision was easy. The small school atmosphere was appealing. Everyone was friendly, and it seemed that it would be easy to get to know people once I got here. I also loved the soccer program and can’t wait to play soccer here.” She played at Greenwood High School in Bowling Green, Ky., where she won a state championship and was named to the All-Tournament Team.

Her parents are Rev. Mark ’89 and Jennifer (Markle) Dickinson ’91. “We miss her a bunch, but we are so thankful she is at Wesleyan,” said Mark. “We were excited when she made the KWC decision because we had great experiences there, and we know she will, too. It was easy to leave her at KWC. We know everyone there will take care of her.”

Sandra (Schmidt) Dickinson ’57 said she is very enthusiastic about the small college experience. “People will care for my granddaughter and help her discover what she wants to do with her life,” remarked Sandra, who arrived at Wesleyan in 1953 and initially lived in Frederica Hall at Seventh St. and Frederica. “We had classes in several places downtown while the campus buildings were under construction, and later I moved into Kendall Hall when it was brand new. Those were exciting times, and Wesleyan gave me a solid start. I had a wonderful experience that prepared me well for my life and career, and so will Robie.”

“Starting college during this pandemic is weird,” shared Robie. “This summer was weird, too, because I didn’t get to play soccer like I always do. But I’m doing great, and KWC is the perfect place for me.”  A psychology major, she plans to become a therapist or social worker.