Wesleyan Alum Leads Local Water Relief Effort for Flint, MI

As the city of Flint, MI began experiencing a major contaminated water issue, Wesleyan alumna LuAnn Brown-Randolph decided to begin collecting bottled water for the distressed city. Our Kentucky Wesleyan College community heard about her effort and contacted her about taking part and began collecting water over the next three days.

This resulted in over 150 cases of water donated by Wesleyan faculty, staff and students. 

Along with other donations from Owensboro and Ohio County, LuAnn delievered the donated water to Flint on Saturday, Feb. 6.  A total of 4800 liters or 1268 gallons of water were donated by the Owensboro community. 

“A water resource official said this was one of the largest donations he’s seen from a single community that wasn’t affiliated with a nationally recognized charity,” said LuAnn. “I want to let them know, we see them and we care, all the way in Owensboro Kentucky.”