Wesleyan Wednesday: Bailey Woodall ’21

Our #WesleyanWednesday feature this week is Bailey Woodall ’21!

Bailey is a Panther Softball alumna who currently works for Amazon as part of their “On The Road” team!

Learn more about her here!

Q: Tell us a little about your job!
A: I work for the logistics side of Amazon, which is what Amazon considers “the last mile”. My job is to make sure that all the packages people order are getting to their doorsteps when they’re supposed to. Amazon hires third party contractors to deliver through our stations. At my site, I work with 7 different companies who deliver to Lexington and the surrounding areas. I’m a part of the OTR (on the road) team with Amazon. The OTR team partners with the 3rd party company’s owners, dispatchers and drivers to make sure everyone is working together efficiently to get those packages to our customers’ doorsteps.

Q: What teams, organizations, or activities did you participate in while at KWC?
A: I was a pitcher on the KWC softball team!

Q: Why did you choose KWC?
A: I chose KWC because when I first walked on campus for my visit, it felt like home. The small town feel of the college was exactly what I wanted in a school.

Q: Have you earned any accolades/awards since graduating from KWC you’d like to tell us about?
A: I started with Amazon as an L4 Area Manager right after graduation. My goal was to promote to an L5 within my first year of working there and I did!

Q: What are your favorite hobbies?
A: My favorite hobbies are working out, traveling and playing with my dog, Champ! I love being outdoors so any activity that’s outside, I’m all for it.

Q: What is your favorite KWC memory?
A: I have way too many good memories from KWC to just choose one. My favorite memories are all the times I spent with my closest friends just laughing and having a good time. Also, any time I stepped onto the softball field and got to play the sport I loved so much.

 Q: Why should a prospective student choose KWC?
A: A prospective student should choose KWC because everyone at KWC cares about each and every student. You’re not just a number there, you’re known. The professors and staff at KWC will put time into your development and future.

Q: What advice do you have for future alumni?
A: If you want it, you have to work for it. You have to be willing to work harder than everyone else around you. Also, get experience outside of the classroom. Internships are so important. Networking and getting actual work experience is pivotal.

Thanks, Bailey, for letting us feature you this week for #WesleyanWednesday! We are so proud of your recent promotion and thanks for your great advice to our future Panther alumni!


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