Wesleyan Wednesday: Dr. Jackie Fischer ’89

Our #WesleyanWednesday feature this week is Dr. Jackie Fischer ’89!

Dr. Fischer is the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Ivy Tech Community College (Columbus service-area) and she is a brand new member of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. As a student, she played softball and was a manager for women’s basketball. Learn more about her here! 

Q: Tell us a little about your job!
A: I serve as the chief academic officer for the Ivy Tech Community College – Columbus Service Area. I work closely with faculty and deans to ensure quality of instruction and assist students in reaching their academic goals. I also manage several support areas, including Testing Services, Library Services, Accelerated Programs, Tutoring Services and K-14 Partnerships.

Q: Why did you choose KWC?
A: I wanted a small college experience and also wanted the opportunity to play softball.

Q: Have you earned any degrees/certifications since graduating from KWC?
A: Masters in Counseling, College Student Personnel—Indiana State University, 1994. Ph.D. in Counselor Education—Indiana State University, 2014.

Q: Have you earned any accolades/awards since graduating from KWC you’d like to tell us about?
A: I was inducted into the Illinois Softball Hall of Fame in 2013.

Q: Are you married? Do you have any children? Tell us a little about your home life!
A: I enjoy spending time with family, friends and pets.

Q: What are your favorite hobbies?
A: Hiking with the two dogs, yoga, golf and studying the history of Major League Baseball.

Q: What is your favorite KWC memory?
A: I loved Writing Workshop with Dr. Darrell and literature classes with Joe Britton. Oh, and our softball team winning the GLVC Conference Championship twice, including in 1986 on our home field—the baseball team came out to support us—that meant so much. Also, when the men’s basketball team won the national championship – I have so many good memories at the Sports Center.

Q: What’s an interesting fact about yourself?
A: Some friends and I have been on a mission to see games in all of the Major League Baseball stadiums. Over a span of 12 years, we saw home games for all 30 teams—and now have to visit the three newest stadiums in Arlington and New York. While the idea was to see baseball games, we have found the rewarding aspect to be traveling our beautiful country visiting so many cities and meeting so many interesting people. It’s been a beautiful journey!

Q: Why should a prospective student choose KWC?
A: The faculty and the educational experience at KWC is just outstanding. KWC prepared me to be a lifelong learner—I felt cared for, challenged and inspired during my time at Wesleyan. The holistic growth experience through a variety of activities and relationships was perfect for me. I loved every minute and grew so much. So many good memories and Owensboro is just a great town to be part of—the town supports the College.

Q: What advice do you have for our future alumni?
A: Alumni are so important to today’s Kentucky Wesleyan, as alumni provide a thread that ties yesterday and today together—the history and our memories are so important to share to keep Wesleyan relevant and thriving for today’s students. Showing our support for the students, faculty, and staff is so important for the College.

Q: Why do you donate to KWC?
A: Donating when I can to KWC is a small effort to begin to show my appreciation and to honor all that the faculty and staff did for me during my time at Wesleyan to help me grow, learn and develop. Donating is also an effort to help today’s students to have the resources they need to be successful. My education at Wesleyan has been such an important constant in my life and put me in a position to succeed professionally and academically while pursuing advanced degrees.

Thanks, Jackie, for letting us feature you this week for #WesleyanWednesday! We’re excited to have you on the Alumni Association Board of Directors!

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