Wesleyan Wednesday: Jenifer Kuntzman-Heady ’22

Our #WesleyanWednesday feature this week is Jenifer Kuntzman-Heady ’22!

Jenifer is a recent graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan who was just promoted from administrative assistant (athletics) to assistant registrar right here at KWC!

Q: Tell us a little about your job!
I am the Assistant Registrar, I help process official and unofficial transcript requests, evaluate transcripts from new or transfer students, assign advisors and register students for classes.

Q: What’s it like working for your alma mater?
A: I love it! I always wanted to stay but didn’t know what door would be opened for me to stay. When this position was posted I just knew that this was my chance to continue my career at KWC and continue to serve the students. They are why I wanted to stay. 

Q: Would you tell us a little about your experience as a nontraditional student? Did you still get to experience The Wesleyan Way?
A: Being a nontraditional student wasn’t a big deal for me. I was one at Ivy Tech Community College when I was working on my associate degree. I made connections with the students and professors as “Jenifer” and not “Ms. Jen/ Mrs. Heady” and I felt I was able to give a different perspective on discussions in class. My biggest hope was that they would see it wasn’t too late to go for your dreams and sometimes you must overcome obstacles to get to your dreams. As for whether I got to experience The Wesleyan Way, the quick answer is YES! It was amazing during the spring semester how accepting and supportive my fellow classmates were of my accomplishments. They showed me the love, support and encouragement that are the key foundations of The Wesleyan Way. 

Q: What teams, organizations, or activities did you participate in while at KWC?
A: I was in the first class of Leadership Wesleyan and served on the Class of 2022’s Senior Committee. As a staff member, I’ve served on the Staff Council and am a member of the American Association of University Women. 

Q: Why did you choose KWC?
A: I started at KWC as the administrative assistant for Athletics in 2011. I knew about the tuition remission benefits for employees and wanted my daughter to be able to attend college. Although she decided college wasn’t for her after high school, it was in the back of my mind that I could get my bachelor’s degree too. After working in athletics for a few years, I knew it was time to get my degree. I applied and was accepted into the College and in May 2017, I started my classes. I graduated on April 30th with my bachelor’s in fitness and sports management with a minor in business administration.

Q: Are you married? Do you have any children? Tell us a little about your home life!
A: My husband, Ron, and I have been married for 20 years. We have one daughter, Carolyn, and a crazy cat named McGonagall (aka MG). We have claimed a former KWC football player, Rykan Jones, as our son and he claims us as mom and dad; he and his wife, Sarah, have three children. We live in Rockport, Indiana but I grew up in Kokomo, IN (not the Aruba, Jamaica ooh I wanna take ya – Kokomo).

Q: What are your favorite hobbies?
A: I enjoy reading mysteries and historical fiction. I love making wreaths for my front door and family. When I need to relax in the evening, you will find me watching either Forensic Files, NCIS or Law and Order. I love music and I have a bucket list of concerts that I want to attend. My favorite concerts have included The Avett Brothers (twice in Evansville and I have the posters), John Prine and Zach Williams. My mom is usually my concert companion but I did go to a Willie Nelson and Three Dog Night concert with my dad because those are his favorites.

Q: What is your favorite KWC memory?
A: There are so many, but I treasure the friendships and relationships I have developed here at KWC. Mark Hedges and Doug Kingsley both taught me so many things. They inspired me to learn more every day and teach others how to live The Wesleyan Way. I have loved meeting all the fans and parents of our student-athletes. Some of those people are my friends now, and I am blessed. Getting to know our student-athletes, watching them grow and seeing their success on and off the field has been a pleasure to watch. Then, when they come back to look for me, it makes me feel like I have done some good in their lives.

Q: Why should a prospective student choose KWC?
A: KWC is a community of people that are committed to seeing all students succeed. The professors will challenge you to dig deep into your thoughts and ideas, but their goals are to get you to learn and grow. The staff will cheer for you in your success and will be there when you fail to encourage you to get back up and try again. This community is why you should choose KWC.

Q: What advice do you have for our future alumni?
A: Stay connected and come back. As a staff member, I love seeing the alumni not only at homecoming, but any time. I love seeing your families and hearing what you are doing with your lives and careers. Yes, the career is important, but we also want to see how you are growing as a person. Give back, whether it is financially or physically, give back. Cheer for those who are following in your footsteps. They will need encouragement at times, just like you did, and hearing your voice may be what they need to keep going.

Thanks, Jenifer for letting us feature you this week for #WesleyanWednesday! We’re appreciate the advice you’ve offered prospective students and future alumni!

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