Why I Give – Beth (Robinson) Ronk ’73

“When I was making my college choice I didn’t want to go to a big school like Purdue or Indiana University (I’m from Indiana), and my family had friends who had moved to Logansport from Owensboro. So my parents took me to look at KWC, Western Kentucky and Murray State. Since I was going so far from home, I chose the smallest school and never have regretted my choice!

“I give so others can have the same kind of experience that I had and that my dear friends had.

“I encourage others to give for the same reason. Also, when the college applies for grants, etc., the percentage of giving is what is important, much more so than the amount – though that helps, too! But if you have 100% giving a small amount, that can really benefit grant applications!!”

Your major:
“The joke at my house was –  What is your major this week? I was an el ed, sociology and English major at one time or another and ended up with English!”

What are special memories of your years here?
“I think this question for many of us who attended KWC would take a book to answer! I met so many people who I still share friendships with today – especially my Kappa Delta sisters. Living in Massie Hall my freshman year in Room 222 – there was a TV show at that time with the name “Room 222” about a high school – that’s why I remember my room number. LOL!

“As my classmate and KD sister Kathy Sherman recently shared, we didn’t have football when we were in college but . . . intramural flag football was widely attended. I especially remember the day George Skiadas and one or two of his sky diving buddies parachuted into the quad – that was a sight I’ll never forget!! And the rivalries were pretty intense! We had Sadie Hawkins dances, many trips to the SUB snack bar for a Coke or some fries! And of course the ever present Minerva! Our sorority meetings were held in a Quonset hut on campus, as were intramural basketball and volleyball games. I could recount more but I think you get the picture that there are many great memories from my years as a KWC student.

“One more is a sad memory – the weekend we lost our classmate, Cochran Dorsey. Some of my sorority sisters and I had gone to Bowling Green to visit my “old” roommate who had transferred to Western. We received a phone call from campus that Cochran had passed away. Our innocence was shattered that Labor Day weekend of our junior year when we learned of the tragedy. This year we will be able to share the positive memories of Cochran through the Cochran Dorsey Prayer Room that will be in the new Activity Center – an idea that came from Kathy Sherman and which many of our classmates supported. I’m so thankful we can honor his memory this way!”

Who mentored and influenced you during your years at KWC?
“Joe and Margaret Britton are two professors who had an impact on me at KWC. Margaret was my advisor when I was a sociology major, and she was a great sounding board for questions I had. Joe was my advisor when I was an English major. I always enjoyed his classes! Dr. William Crago (English) and Dr. Lee Dew (history and political science) had great ways of imparting their knowledge to their students, too!”

How did KWC change and enhance your life?
“KWC has been such a part of my life since I was a freshman in 1969 that it’s hard to say – I’ve grown up with Wesleyan being in all of my adult life! And as I said earlier, so many of the friends I made as a freshman are still in my life and for that I’m soooo thankful!!”

How have you been involved with the College over the years?
“After I graduated in 1973, there were many years that so many of us came back for Homecoming – just to be together! At that time, Homecoming was for basketball. Changing to football has been an adjustment for the “oldies!!” I became a part of the KWC Alumni Board in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and really enjoyed learning about what was taking place on campus, as well as with the alumni.

“I’m on the Board again and have gotten to renew some past board friendships as well as meet new alumni members and officers of the college. This year we went to Downs after Dark, an event I highly recommend to others! It was so much fun! Also some of my Kappa Delta sisters have helped the collegiate chapter with a meal or two during their Spirit Week, and we’ve attended alumni events that the collegiate chapter has held during Homecoming weekends.”

Why do you stay involved?
“It’s the Wesleyan Way – the friendships, the small college closeness and atmosphere is on our campus make me want to continue to be a part of KWC!”

What else would you like to share with our readers?
“I have been blessed with a husband who, though he didn’t attend KWC, supports me in all of my travels to Owensboro (sometimes he even comes with me) and my time spent on the Alumni Board and time spent with my Kappa Delta sisters! Our daughter even joined Kappa Delta, though at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Our daughter and her family live in Newport, R.I., now but since her husband is a Navy JAG, our three grandchildren have all been born in different places – two in different countries! Our oldest, Siena was born in Naples, Italy; next Jack was born in Guam (an American territory), and Joe was born in Newport!!  The youngest has traveled the least, too!!”