Why I Give – Dr. Christine Salmon

“Liberal arts colleges bookend my college career. I began as a student at Southwestern University in Texas, a small Methodist-affiliated liberal arts college. Though I have worked at several different institutions of higher education, from community college to research universities, I always knew I wanted to work at a small college where I could make a difference, just as SU had done for me. And so, I came to Kentucky Wesleyan College, where my various roles have allowed me to support faculty and students. I’ve felt at home here since I arrived in July 2015 and will end my career just as it began.

“I give to KWC because I want to give back. I came from an institution very similar to Wesleyan, an institution that laid the foundation of who I am today. Without the support of scholarships, I would not have been able to afford that college and without the support of faculty, I would not have had the career I chose. My donations to KWC support students to participate in activities that I hope are laying the foundation for the strong and caring men and women they will become. I also give as a way of honoring my grandmother, who herself never went to college but who, despite having very little money herself, supported the children in the poor family down the road to attend community college or vocational school. Every child in that family has post-secondary schooling, thanks to Dotsie.

“I encourage you all to give because you though you may never know it, your gift can be the just the nudge a student needs to have access to a college education. Be like Dotsie, and support those kids down the road.”

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