Why I Give – Eric Feldpausch ’11

“Wesleyan gave so much to me; friendship, mentorship, confidence, education, devotion to service; that I feel compelled to give back in whatever way I can. I want future generations of Wesleyan students to experience the great sense of pride and joy in this College that I have. Ensuring that The Wesleyan Way continues into the future requires investment by its proud alumni. The amount you give matters less than the fact that you do give back in whatever way possible, including participating in student recruitment events, volunteering with the alumni board, traveling back for Homecoming, and donating to the Wesleyan General Scholarship Fund.

“I am very excited for Wesleyan’s future success under the current leadership. There is great work being done to improve Kentucky Wesleyan College, and I want to be a part of that progress.”


Bachelor of Arts, Economics, minors in Business Administration, History and German

Masters of Business Administration, University of Louisville

Juris Doctor, University of Kentucky College of Law, expected graduation May 2019

What are your plans following law school graduation?

“I will begin practicing law as an associate attorney with Wyatt Tarrant & Combs LLP in Louisville, Ky. I will be a member of Wyatt’s Corporate & Securities Service Team, concentrating my practice in the areas of general business law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and venture capital transactions.”

What are special memories of your years at Wesleyan?

“My fondest memories of Wesleyan are the times spent with my fraternity brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon. Our friendships are just as strong today as they were when we all lived together at Wesleyan. Watching everyone transition from curious students into working professionals, and being able to share life’s greatest moments together, has meant the world to me. Additionally, I will always cherish my time in Wesleyan Singers, particularly the Madrigal Dinner each Christmas season.”

Are there professors who stand out in your memories as being especially helpful – and if so, what did they do to help you along the way?

“Professors Conroy, Asefa, Stiffler, Earle and Horrell were integral to my success while at Wesleyan. Beyond the knowledge they imparted in the classroom, each of them became mentors and friends who have guided me post-graduation.”

How did Wesleyan prepare you for life?

“The benefits of a liberal arts education are often understated. The small classroom sizes and individual attention at Wesleyan contributed a great deal to my development. I was challenged in the classroom, not forgotten. The professors expected a great deal from each of us and that expectation motivated me to perform my best work. That feeling of needing to perform my best has continued with me in every aspect of life, through graduate school and into my professional endeavors. Moreover, the small community feel of Wesleyan’s campus fosters strong relationships leading to lifelong friendships and memories I will cherish forever. I felt well prepared for whatever challenges awaited me post-graduation, and my success since then proves that to be true.”

You have lived a very full and interesting life following your graduation from Wesleyan. We understand you also served in the Peace Corps. Please tell our readers about that experience.

“I served for two years in the Peace Corps as a community and economic development volunteer assigned to the Namibia Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Namibia, Southern Africa. As part of my service, I conducted business skills trainings to benefit young entrepreneurs and small enterprises, drafted economic policy papers for the Chamber leadership and made recommendations for consideration by Namibian Ministry Officials. The memories I have and the friendships I made while living and working in Namibia will last a lifetime.”