Why I Give – Mitch Settle ’83

Major: Bachelor of Arts, Communication

Career: Senior Vice President, Chartered Wealth Advisor
The Settle Group Hilliard Lyons, Owensboro
Listed by Barron’s magazine as one of the “Top 1200 Financial Advisors” for eight consecutive years and a “Top 3 Financial Advisors Kentucky” and by the Financial Times as one of the “Top 400 Advisors” in America

Family: Wife, Kim
Daughters, Sydney Settle (Client Services Associate at the Settle Group) and Shelby Payne (Kentucky Wesleyan student)

A trustee emeritus of the Kentucky Wesleyan College Board of Trustees, he was named an Outstanding Alumnus of the College in 2007 and was inducted to the Kentucky Wesleyan College Alumni Hall of Fame in 2018.

Why did you attend Kentucky Wesleyan?
“I started out at a large state university and that just didn’t work. So I transferred to Kentucky Wesleyan, and it was right for me. I needed the small class sizes and personal interaction. My experience at the College was so positive, and that is why Wesleyan still means so much to me today. I’m glad Shelby is experiencing it, too.”

Tell us about your involvement with the College over the years.
“I was a trustee from 1994-2018 and was honored to serve as chair of the board from 2008-2011. Several things stand out to me as I look back on my years on the board. First of all, I remember the tornado in January 2000, the destruction on campus and how everyone pulled together during that time. I particularly remember how hard Cindra Stiff worked in leading in the rebuilding of campus. She was phenomenal and a great example of what we now call The Wesleyan Way. She had a strong team helping her, and the recovery efforts are a good memory. I also remember the great generosity of alumni and friends of the College in giving back to their alma mater over the years. Most of all, I enjoyed being on campus and hearing about the successes of our students. That was very gratifying and is the only reason the College exists.”

Why do you give to Kentucky Wesleyan?
“I get calls from organizations for donations to good causes every day, and as I prioritize my giving, I strongly believe that supporting education should be at the top of my list. I want my dollars to make the biggest impact possible in the most positive way. Education changes the world, and I know the impact Kentucky Wesleyan had on my life, so I’m pleased to give back to Wesleyan.”

Why do you encourage others to give?
“There are a ton of success stories from people around the world about how Kentucky Wesleyan changed their lives, and I really believe that everyone who has a Wesleyan success story has a duty to give back. When we give, we are investing in Wesleyan’s mission to impact lives in the future. What an investment, and what a responsibility.”