Why I Give – Peggie (Pratt) Stewart ’73

“KWC gave me the strength, confidence and security to raise my family. My experience at the College laid the foundation for my life, not just to survive but to thrive. I am confident in what I bring to the table wherever I am, thanks to KWC.  My education changed the quality of my family’s life. 

“In gratitude to KWC, I give what I can and serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. I want to pave the way for someone else and hope I am helping another young woman who needs support, as I did. 

“I taught biology and chemistry at the secondary level in the Muhlenberg County schools for 31 years and chemistry for WKU for dual credit. I started at Bremen High School and worked there for five years. After we consolidated, I was at Muhlenberg County High School for the remainder of my career. The school was brand new when I walked in the door the first time. 

“I chose to attend KWC because my best friend was going to there. My parents liked the fact that it was only 30 miles from home, and they were proud to send me to a private school for four years.

“I have many fun memories of my four years on campus: Sadie Hawkins Day and Dance, pledging KD’s and Rush Week, flag football, protests and sit-ins, chapel on Wednesdays and the NCAA championship in 1973. Can you believe that women were required to wear dresses to chapel?! My biggest memory is the day of the flag football game when George Skiadis ’69 parachuted into the Quad.

“I found my KWC experience to be the perfect balance of fun and hard work. My major was biology, and my minor was chemistry, both male-dominated classes at the time. My teachers were helpful and easy to be around, but they knew when you were absent. There was no skipping town with them!

“My holy trinity of mentors included Professor Don Davenport (biology), Dr. Robert Dalzell (biology) and Dr. W.L. Magnuson (chemistry). I did not have chemistry in high school, so I had my hands full, and Dr. Magnuson helped me a lot. 

“My husband and I were married in Tapscott Chapel by President William James in July 1975. We were the first couple to be married there.

“Those four years had a huge impact on my life and the future of my family. In June of 1985, my husband passed away, and I had two sons, ages 4 and 8. I had not been in the workplace, and the first thing I did was contact Professor Walter Beumel (education). He completed my paperwork for student teaching, and I had job in fall of 1985 at Bremen High School. Later, I earned my master’s degree at Western. I was able to keep my home after my husband’s passing and later sent my boys to college. 

“I am grateful for how KWC prepared me for my life, and I am always interested in the successes of our students and alumni. The College is a phenomenal place. I recently checked kwc.edu and was pleased that my alma mater offers Prism, an LGBTQ+ organization. It is good for our community to ensure that our students feel valued.

“I am retired now and teach yoga and Silver Sneakers at the Central City Convention City.”