Why I Give – Ryne Williams ’12

“I chose KWC because the College was known as a close-knit campus community and that appealed to me. I was recruited by Lairy Nofsinger ’58 (1936-2012). He was a HUGE influence on my decision. I was also blessed to receive the Brown Scholarship. This prestigious award was another reason for my decision.

“Dr. Magnuson and the entire Chemistry Program faculty were great mentors. I am still in contact with them today.

“Wesleyan helped me develop as a leader. As Student Government Association president, I helped ensure the voices of the students were heard. I believe my experience as leader of SGA is one of the reasons I have been able to help direct several clinics so early in my physical therapy career.

“I have many special memories of my years at KWC. They include plenty of USI and Bellarmine basketball wins, the historic 2009 ice storm when we were in the dorms without power for some time, and the changing faces of Minerva over the years. I painted her several times myself.

“Lairy Nofsinger was right. KWC was the place for me. The College changed my life, and I want to do what I can to help KWC change the lives of current and future students.”