Why I Give – Travis Roberts ’07

“I give because I want to pay it forward. I was a Brown Scholar at KWC, and I will never forget what it meant to me, and still does, that my education was paid for. I want to help the next generation, and I want KWC and our students to flourish.”

“KWC is a family tradition. My grandmother, Claribel (Moore) Bivins, graduated in 1961, and my mother, Anna (Bivins) Roberts, in 1974. Cousins Ruth (Clark) Seydel ’64 and Rosa (Clark) Allomong ’66 are also graduates, and it means a lot to me that am a part of our KWC tradition.

“My major was computer information systems, and my professor, Joe Francom, did so much to help me prepare for my career. He took theory and made it practical for real world application. I appreciated his time and support. One of the great things about KWC was the one-on-one time I had with professors.

“My classroom experience was great, and the social aspect of the small campus was, too. I was on the staff of the Panogram, and I helped with our senior project, the brick sidewalk outside the HRC. I took piano lessons from Dr. Diane Earle, and enjoyed playing at the “88 Keys” concert. The midnight movies were fun, and so was just hanging out together.

“I definitely benefited from my years at KWC. I got excellent preparation for life. I have a job I love, and I enjoy attending alumni events. The KWC community is a tight-knit one – like family.”

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