Why We Give: Dr. William (Bill) and Lane Langford

“We know well the quality of the faculty, and we are pleased to watch the progress at the Wesleyan. We are particularly pleased with the leadership of President Darrell. He is down-to-earth and relates to students and the community in a personal way. We are honored to give.”

Bill: “I came to Owensboro to practice medicine (retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon) in 1965. I followed basketball and loved watching George Tinsley and Dallas Thornton, among others. That was my first experience with Wesleyan. I also cared for many athletes, and I was always impressed with their caliber. So a fondness for the college grew over the years.”

Lane: “Our grandson is enjoying his first year at Wesleyan. He is a cheerleader, has joined a fraternity and plans to become a physical therapist. Our granddaughter is a high school senior and will attend Wesleyan next year. So even though neither of us graduated from the College, we have been interested in its growth over the years, and now we have a very special family connection.”

Bill: “Wesleyan is a vital and valuable part of our city. Graduates contribute to our region in all kinds of ways, and it is particularly appealing to me that graduates often decide to stay in Owensboro or eventually return. They fall in love with the College and the city. They help the core of our city, and I can’t imagine Owensboro with the Wesleyan influence.”