Honors Program

Honors Program Success Stories


Mission Statement

The Kentucky Wesleyan College Honors Program mission is to offer a rigorous curriculum that promotes an engaging curriculum that exceeds the standards of a class to enhance research, writing and creative skills with academic excellence, leadership roles and service learning to create lifelong learners.


Bulletin and Transcript Description

For designation on the final transcript and diploma, Honors Program students will complete 15 hours of Honors courses, sustain a 3.25+ GPA and present a Senior Capstone Thesis. Honors courses are designated with an HON on the transcript.


Honors Requirements

  • Incoming Freshmen – Auto-admit enrollment of 3.25+ GPA and 25+ ACT.
  • Sophomores – 3.25+ GPA, submit an application, and offer a Letter of Recommendation from faculty member/advisor for the Honors Program Committee’s review.
  • Incoming HON freshmen will enroll in KW101.X-HON community and does not count toward the 15hrs.
  • Complete 15hrs, with 6hrs outside major’s discipline, of HON courses.
  • Senior Capstone Thesis presentation (Scholars Day).


Program Description

The Kentucky Wesleyan College Honors Program is an auto-admit enrollment for incoming freshmen meeting the 3.25+ GPA with a 25+ ACT that requires 15 hours of Honors courses to completion. The Kentucky Wesleyan Honors courses offer an honors component that is engaging and rigorous while satisfying General Education or Core requirements. Some honor courses will be outside the major with one being a Senior capstone course in which the Honors student must submit a scholarly thesis paper. High achieving students-candidates have the opportunity to enrich their critical thinking, communication, and self-direction with other important traits, such as engagement. Students will grow research skills, enhance writing skills and actively participate in their education while exploring leadership roles, service to the community and creative research. The Honors Program encourages Independent and Creative Research, Service Learning and Study Abroad. This program challenges the Honors candidate with extra learning opportunities that integrate diverse disciplines.

Once admitted to the Honors Program, the incoming Honors freshmen will begin their journey as participants in the KW101 Learning Community. The Honors Program participants will be recognized at the Bridging Ceremony at the end of their freshmen year. At the conclusion of the 15 hours, the senior Honors student must complete a capstone thesis project presented at Scholars Day to share insights on their experiences and learning with the Wesleyan Community. The special designation of Honors Program will be placed on the official transcript and degree upon completion of all requirements to identify the student as high achieving to graduate schools or employers.


Learning Outcomes Assessment

  • Freshmen Level 1
  1. Communicate ideas effectively in written/verbal/visual formats.
  2. Give constructive feedback as part of peer review.
  • Sophomore Level 2
  1. Work in teams.
  • Sophomore/Junior Level 3
  1. Articulate ethical principles and engage in ethical behavior.
  • Junior Level 4
  1. Exhibit leadership skills in appropriate situations.
  • Senior Level 5
  1. Engage in open-ended problem solving.
  2. Competitive in job and graduate school applications.



Honor Components may be, but are not limited to:

    • Extra pages in a paper or an extra paper.
    • Added extra reading or citing of more sources.
    • Attending an event/workshop.
    • Extra hours in community service.
    • Special research or creative research.
    • More complex projects.