Welcome to Kentucky Wesleyan College! The liberal arts, that broad category of learning that prepares students to lead and effect change, is Kentucky Wesleyan College’s most identifiable quality.  The liberal arts tradition was at the core of the College’s founding and that same spirit of exploration and self-discovery drives our curriculum today.

Our programs are dynamic, adapting to meet the current needs of our students and the future requirements of an unpredictable world.  Our courses put you at the center of a learning experience unlike any other, with cutting-edge technologies, pedagogies, and experiences brought together to produce lasting results.  Our faculty are committed to your education but obligated to your life-long success. And that commitment is life-long. Generations of Kentucky Wesleyan Alumni return to campus for encouragement and support as well as enrichment.

We are, all of us, joined together in common cause, celebrating the successes of our graduates and leveraging those accomplishments for the benefit of current students. Take the time to explore our majors, minors, and pre-professional programs and take note of those opportunities you find appealing. Then, reach out to me or a member of our faculty and let us tell you more.  

James P. Cousins, PhD
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
(270) 852-3117
Administration Building #208

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