Admissions Policies

Admissions Policies and Procedures

Kentucky Wesleyan College welcomes students who have prepared themselves for success at a competitive college. Applications for admission are reviewed individually upon receipt of all appropriate academic credentials. Students are notified of their admission status as soon as possible. Kentucky Wesleyan College is committed to admitting those applicants who demonstrate the potential for academic success at the College.

Undergraduate students who are not considered International Students and who plan to attend Kentucky Wesleyan College must submit an enrollment deposit of $100 after completion of the admissions process. The enrollment deposit is refundable by written request submitted to the Admissions Office no later than May 1 for fall applicants or November 30 for spring applicants.  Residential students must submit an additional $100 housing deposit along with the enrollment deposit.  Please see the Student Life section for additional details about the student residential policies and housing deposit.

Any student accepted whose documentation is not complete will be required to sign a letter acknowledging that admission is provisional and that it is their responsibility to submit the required documentation prior to the deadline outlined in the letter.  If the documentation is not received by the deadline; the student’s classes may be cancelled and they risk being administratively withdrawn from the college.

Applicants who do not meet admissions standards and are denied admission have the right to appeal the decision.  A letter of appeal detailing why the decision should be reconsidered in addition to new supporting documentation must be submitted to the Director of Admissions.

Kentucky Wesleyan College does not discriminate in its admissions policies on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national or ethnic origin or disability.

Freshman Admission

Students planning to enter the College immediately following graduation from high school are encouraged to submit an application for admission during the fall semester of their senior year. A student must submit a completed application, official high school transcript, a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, or Certified Adult High School Diploma, and Official ACT or SAT scores. Applications will be accepted as long as the College has space to accommodate students.

Admission to the College will be based on an evaluation of all materials required for admissions (see above) and may include any additional documentation requested by the Admissions Office in addition the student’s extracurricular involvement. Applicants may be reviewed by the Admissions Committee at the recommendation of the Director of Admissions.

Applicants who do not meet admissions standards but who are reviewed favorably by the Admissions Committee will be accepted into the First Year Success Program which is designed to prepare them for successful completion of an undergraduate degree. Before making a decision the committee will consider the student’s high school program of study, grades, class rank, ACT or SAT scores, and extracurricular activities. In some  instances, the Director of Admissions or Admissions Committee may request additional information before making a decision. Students admitted into the First Year Success Program are required to take a reduced course load during the first year.

Although an on-campus interview is not required, the College believes that such an interview is beneficial to students and parents and strongly encourages applicants to contact the Admissions Office to schedule a campus visit.

Transfer Student Admission

Admission Requirements:

  • Students wishing to transfer from an accredited college will be reviewed based on their completed college level work if they have more than 24 hours of college level work. A combination of high school course work and college level work will be used if the student has less than 24 hours of college level work completed.
  • All students are required to submit a completed application, final official high school transcript, a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, or Certified Adult High School Diploma, and final official transcripts from all colleges attended. A student with less than 24 hours of college level work may also be required to submit official ACT or SAT scores.
  • A 2.0 minimum college cumulative grade average.
  • Must be academically and socially eligible to return to the institution they are currently attending and all previous institutions attended.

Students transferring from an accredited four-year college may transfer up to 90 semester hours, while students from accredited two-year colleges may transfer up to 60 semester hours. The maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred from two- and four-year institutions combined is 90 hours. Grades earned at other colleges will not be computed in determining students’ grade point average at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Kentucky Wesleyan College recognizes completion of its general education program for those students who have graduated with an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System who transfer to Kentucky Wesleyan College. Students who graduate from a Kentucky Community and Technical College with an Associate in Applied Arts degree in Business and an Associates of Arts degree may transfer up to 86 semester hours. Only twelve hours may be transferred from any summer semesters per academic year.

All decisions on the transfer of courses and course equivalencies will be made by the Registrar of the College in consultation with the appropriate departmental chairperson. All transcripts are evaluated course by course. Classes must be comparable in content to courses in the Kentucky Wesleyan College curriculum to qualify as transferable credit. Kentucky Wesleyan College will accept liberal arts courses that we do not teach, such as all languages and other areas if they support the student’s liberal arts curriculum.

Kentucky Wesleyan College will grant credit for all appropriate course work in which a minimum grade of C or above has been earned. An exception to this rule occurs if a student has completed an AA, AS, or AAS degree at a regionally accredited school with a 2.0 cumulative GPA; then courses with D grades will be accepted up to the maximum number of transferrable hours. Additionally, some programs require a C or better for courses that are applicable to their program requirements. Any course with a grade below a C would not be transferrable into these programs.

First Semester Transfer Student

If a student applies for admission to Kentucky Wesleyan College for the term (semester) following their first semester in college and they don’t yet have a recorded cumulative college GPA; they are considered to be a first semester transfer.  In this case; the student’s academic merit award and admissions decision will be conditionally based on the high school academic course work AND ACT and/or SAT I score(s).  If the student fails to achieve a 2.0 cumulative college GPA from their first semester college work; the admissions decision and academic award will be re-evaluated.  The final result could be a denial and/or a reduction in the academic award at the discretion of the Director of Admissions.

International Student Admission

Kentucky Wesleyan College welcomes students from throughout the world. International students must submit an application, an English translation of their secondary school transcript, and ACT or SAT scores. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) test is required for all nonnative speakers of English with a minimum TOEFL score of 520 (paper based), 70 (internet based), or 200 (computer based). As federal law does not permit them employment, international students must also submit a certification of finances attesting to the willingness and ability of their parent(s) or guardian(s) to offer them financial support while attending Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Upon being granted admission to the college, international students are required to submit a $500 tuition deposit and a $100 housing deposit (resident students only). Once the student’s deposit is received, Kentucky Wesleyan College will issue the student an I-20 immigration form.

Non-Degree Seeking Student Admission

A student who wishes to enroll for specific classes but not seek a degree may apply as a non-degree seeking student. A non-degree seeking student must file an application obtained from the Admissions Office or under the Admissions tab at

Transcripts or test scores do not need to be submitted. A non-degree seeking student may take up to 15 semester hours of credit. At that point, the student must apply for admission and be admitted.

Dual Enrollment Student Admission

Students who wish to attend classes while still in high school may do so as dual enrolled students. High school students must submit a high school transcript and a letter of permission from their high school principal or guidance counselor.

Home-Schooled Student Admission

Home-schooled students are required to submit an application for admission, ACT or SAT I scores, and transcript documenting performance in secondary-level coursework, and any other relevant curriculum information.

Re-Entering Student Admission

Students who have previously attended Kentucky Wesleyan College and have not attended any other accredited college or university since leaving Kentucky Wesleyan are able to apply for re-admission to the College. At the time of application, the admissions office will contact various departments across campus in order to determine the student’s eligibility to return. All previous financial balances owed to the College must be paid.

Post-Baccalaureate Student Admission

Students who have successfully earned a baccalaureate or higher degree and wish to take additional undergraduate courses will be admitted as a post-baccalaureate student.  Students with a degree from Kentucky Wesleyan College need to submit only an application for admission. Any other student must have an official transcript mailed directly to Admissions from the college that conferred his or her degree.

Anyone who is 62 years of age or more may enroll at Kentucky Wesleyan tuition free and must complete an application form obtained in the Admissions Office and a senior citizen tuition form obtained in the Financial Aid Office. Classes may be taken for credit or for audit for a maximum of 15 hours; at that point, the student must apply for admission and be admitted as a degree-seeking student. Tuition will then be reduced by 50 percent.

Non-Traditional Student Admission

Students who graduated from high school five or more years earlier than the term for which they are applying and have not previously attended a regionally accredited college or university are considered non-traditional.  In order to be considered for admission; non-traditional students must submit a completed application, official high school transcript, a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, or Certified Adult High School Diploma.  Additional information including, but no limited to ACT or SAT scores and other evidence of academic potential may be required upon evaluation of the application.


Students may choose to take classes at Kentucky Wesleyan College without receiving academic credit. Full-time students may audit a class without charge, assuming they do not exceed 18 hours with the addition of the audit course. Audit hours do not affect a student’s enrollment status. Others may audit classes on a space available basis by paying half of the tuition charge plus fees if applicable. Non-degree seeking students may audit classes on a space available basis. See the College Expenses section for further details. Auditing is not available for individualized personal instruction.

With the permission of his or her advisor and the instructor of the course, a student may switch from credit status to audit status in a course before midterm. After midterm, the instructor, the advisor and the Dean of the College can approve such a change in status only under extraordinary circumstances. A change to audit status will not result in a change in a student’s account unless the change is made during the designated drop/add period for that semester.