Equity and Inclusion

KWC Diversity Statement:

Kentucky Wesleyan College values the unique contributions of all members of our campus community. As part of our mission to prepare future leaders intellectually, spiritually, and physically, we strive to provide an atmosphere that encourages and challenges all members of the Kentucky Wesleyan College campus community to exhibit an understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences. We are committed to being a community that reflects the diversity of our larger society. We expect all members of our institution to actively create and maintain an inclusive learning and living environment that embraces diversity in all forms, including race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and thought. 

KWC Bias Response Information:

The KWC Bias Response Team acts as the college’s first response team in addressing reported bias incidents. All reported bias incidents will be referred to the Coordinator of Equity and Inclusion/TIX who, will make an initial determination of whether the matter should be referred to the entire Bias Response Team for review. 

The Bias Response Team will meet in response to receiving a bias incident report referral from the Vice President. The Bias Incident Response team shall consider and undertake the appropriate measures to address the incident. Such measures, depending on the nature and severity of the incident, may include: 

  • Supporting the affected person(s) through referrals to appropriate resources. 
  • Engaging community members to maintain a living, learning and working environment free from acts of bigotry, harassment, and intimidation. 
  • Assessing the circumstances of the incident as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. 
  • Making referrals to appropriate campus officials so that action can be taken.  
  • Notifying the community, as appropriate.


  • Bias incident is submitted and reviewed 
  • Bias goes before the committee 
  • Consequence is determined: restorative justice (meditation with educational conversation), student conduct sanctioning, community service etc. 




What is a Bias Incident? 

Bias incidents are conduct, speech, or behavior motivated by prejudice or a bias toward another person that does not rise to the level of a crime. Bias incidents violate college policy and should be reported. 

 What is a Hate Crime? 

Hate crimes must meet two criteria: (1) a crime must occur, such as physical assault, intimidation, or arson, and (2) the crime must be motivated by bias or prejudice. A hate crime is motivated in whole or in part by the offender’s bias towards the victim’s status based on race, color, religion, ethnic/national origin, gender expression, sex, age, disability or sexual orientation identities. 

How does one make a Bias Report? 

KWC urges all members of our community to promptly report all bias incidents using the Bias Incident Reporting Form. Only KWC students, faculty and staff may submit Bias Incident Report Forms.   

What happens to the report? 

Any reports submitted will routed to the Coordinator of Equity & Inclusion/TIX and forwarded to the Bias Response Team. For reports containing contact information, a designated staff member will contact the reporting person and will be available to meet and discuss resources, policies, procedures, and services, with a view to addressing the immediate issue as well as any additional implications for campus climate. 

Reports and related follow-ups will be handled as discreetly as possible. 

Bias Reports may be submitted anonymously; however, doing so will impact the College’s ability not only to investigate a report but to provide a successful resolution or outcome. 



Title IX:

Andrea Denise Bolden 
KWC Coordinator of TIX, Director of Equity and Inclusion 

Alfonzo Browning 
KWC TIX Deputy 

Dr. Kari Miller
KWC TIX Deputy