Sexual Harassment/Assault Support Information

Shane Armstrong
Title IX Coordinator
Dean of Student Success
[email protected]


Dr. Kyle Watson
Title IX Deputy
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(270) 852-3167
[email protected]



Important Links

Sexual Harassment & Assault Policy

Grievance Policy for Title IX, Disability and Age Discrimination Issues

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence: Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking

Complaint Submission Form

Reach Out App

IMG_1357Please click on the link below to download the “Reach Out” app! This app will allow you to quickly access KWC Title IX resources, including our policy and online complaint form! Additional resource links are provided. (Please select “Kentucky Wesleyan College” as your default college in the settings tab.)

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U of Nine App

U of Nine helps colleges and universities educate students and employees about sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence and stalking. 

Download the “U of Nine” app on iPhone!

Download the “U of Nine” app on Android!


Campus Information

2016 KW101 New Student Orientation Directions

On-Call Counselor Procedures

Title IX Program Request

Campus Security Reports

KWC Counseling Program

Children on Campus Policy

General Information

Protect Yourself Against Sexual Assault! – PDF

Is the Playing Field Level at Your School?

Not Alone:
Together Against Sexual Assault

Title IX Info

Title IX Blog