New Student Orientation

2018 New Student Orientation – August 25 – 27
2018 Transfer Student Orientation – August 27, Noon – 4 pm


New Student Orientation is an academic and social experience to assist incoming students with their transition into Kentucky Wesleyan College. Because of the importance of material presented at New Student Orientation, it is a required activity for all new, incoming students.

Before arriving for New Student Orientation, please complete the following:

  • Pay your deposits—Housing ($100.00) and Mailbox ($10.00)
  • Parking Pass— Go to and complete the online process.  We will have the forms waiting for you when you arrive
  • Student Portal—Log on to the portal.  Through the portal you should be able to check your schedule, financial aid, housing assignment and much more.  This is an easy way to verify your information and get in touch with your professors
  • Financial Aid—Call or visit our Financial Aid Office to ensure everything is settled regarding your account.  Phone number. 270-852-3120
  • Bill/Payment Questions—Call or Visit Kimberly Johnson in our Business Office.  Phone number = 270-852-3108
  • Renters Insurance—Check with your homeowners insurance and see if your possessions are covered when you live in a residence hall.  If not, consider Renters insurance.  Generally, this type of insurance is very inexpensive and easy way to protect your personal possessions.


  • New Student Orientation 2018

    • Schedule of Events

      Saturday, August 25

      10:00am – 12:00pm        Residential Student Check-in

      Students living on campus move into their residence halls during this period after completing all necessary clearances in the Winchester Center. Student leaders, faculty, and staff will be on hand to welcome students and families and assist them with moving belongings into your new home.

      2:00pm                          Commuter Student Check-in

      Commuter students check-in at Rogers Hall in the Winchester Center.

      2:00pm                          Residence hall meeting

      All students living in residence halls must attend the meeting in their building.

      3:00pm                          First Orientation Group Meeting (wear your new Orientation T-shirt and your group bracelet)

      Student Orientation Staff (SOSers) will meet with their orientation groups for the first time in the Quad and then move to break-out locations.

      5:00pm                          Welcome Dinner

      Join President Bart Darrell, faculty, and staff at the annual Welcome Dinner on the Front Lawn.

      Participate in a campus tradition that marks the official beginning of your college career.  New Students are ceremonially passed from the Admission Staff to the Student Services and Academic Affairs staff.  Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Paula Dehn, will provide a charge to the class.

      7:00pm                          Orientation groups meet at break-out areas

      9:00pm                          Comedian in Rogers Hall


      Sunday, August 26

      10:00am                        Welcome Worship Service

      Join us to celebrate the beginning of the school year with a special worship service in Tapscott Chapel.

      11:00am – 1:00pm        Brunch in the Cafeteria

      1:00pm – 5:00pm          Block sessions

      Learn about the following during small group sessions:

      • Academic Support Services
      • College 101
      • Campus tour/College history.

      5:30 pm                Dinner available in the Cafeteria

      9:00pm                PLAYFAIR!        Jones Gym

      “PLAYFAIR is the most popular campus attraction in history for New Student Orientation Programs. PLAYFAIR is totally unlike anything else you have ever experienced. It’s entertainment! It’s fun! It’s the perfect way to make new campus friendships!  (

    • Monday, August 27
    • 9:00am – 11:00am            Block Sessions
      • Alcohol
      • Sexual Assault
      • Wellness

      10:00am – 12:00pm         Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (CETL) presents Community Service projects

      11:00am – 1:00pm            Picnic lunch provided by Owensboro Christian Church

      1:00am – 3:00pm              Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (CETL) presents Community Service projects

      1:00pm – 5:00pm              Block Sessions

      • Technology on campus
      • Library
      • Career Services

      5:30pm                          Dinner available in the Cafeteria

      7:00pm                          Orientation groups meet in break-out areas

      8:00pm                          Student Involvement Fair and Ice Cream Social

      Join us in Rogers Hall for the Student Involvement Fair, sponsored by your Student Government Association (SGA).  Student organizations will host tables where you can learn about available activities and benefits of membership.  Ice cream will be provided and each organization will offer yummy toppings

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Have questions or comments? Contact Shane Armstrong, Dean of Student Success

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Dean of Student Success
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