Study Abroad

As a part of our mission to foster a liberal arts education that nourishes and prepares students intellectually, spiritually and physically to achieve success in life, Kentucky Wesleyan offers yearly study abroad opportunities to enrich our students’ academic experience.

For more information, please reach out to Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr. Christina Starkey ( The upcoming trip for May 2022 is to Scotland & Ireland.

Why Study Abroad?

“The study abroad trip to Paris and London was a lifetime experience full of culture, history and of course delicious food. It was my first experience across the ocean and outside of the country besides Mexico. I can’t wait for the next trip this summer to Ireland and Scotland and highly recommend anyone else who has an adventurous and curious personality.” – Adan Cano-Gandarilla


“From the moment I stepped on the plane to begin my journey I was filled with a sense of awe, which was amplified when I arrived in my destination country and especially when I got to know the people and lions I was working with.” – Natalie Mercer-Payne