Panthers Study Abroad

Meet the Wesleyan students who’ve taken the plunge and studied abroad!

Sydney Leisure spent 4 weeks in Tanzania, Africa with the KIIS Program. She and other students helped out at several orphanages, an HIV/AIDS clinic and a hospital, in addition to classes and exams. But they also got to visit some amazing places! Follow Sydney’s adventure on Instagram. (Summer 2019)


Caitlin Crabtree (in blue scrubs) with students in Tanzania, Summer 2017.

“I am so grateful I was able to study abroad; it has truly changed my life and I have formed new relationships with people I will never forget.” –Caitlin Crabtree

Natalie Mercer-Payne and Nathan Payne in Zimbabwe.

“My experiences confirmed that international travel is definitely a life-changing, soul-awakening experience.” –Natalie Mercer

Codie Drake in Hong Kong, Summer 2017.

“Travelling is a beautiful thing and it really creates growth within a person. Stepping out of your comfort zone is good, and it opens your mind to new ideas and a different way of life.” –Codie Drake

Nathan Payne teaches music to school children.
Zimbabwe, Summer 2017.

“I gained an experience that I cannot receive in any other country.” —Nathan Payne

“It truly helped me become more independent, confident, curious, and adventurous.” –Addie Reimbold