Applying to Study Abroad

For Faculty Led Programs

Alas, as with any trip abroad, whether for pleasure, business or study, there are processes and paperwork. Here’s our brief checklist of how to apply for study abroad:

    1. The first thing to do is to email Christina Starkey or Christina Salmon. We can help you find a program that suits you or just help you get your documents.
    2. If you’re REALLY interested, we’ll provide the Study Abroad packet that includes just about everything you need for Wesleyan paperwork!
    3. Talk with your academic advisor! This is crucial to ensure that studying abroad will work for your major/minor and won’t set you back. Your advisor will help you select  equivalent courses that transfer smoothly as well as help you determine the best study term.
    4. Choose your study program. In the Study Abroad Office, we have brochures and catalogs from third-party organizations and schools or we can research and find you a program, if none of these have what you’re looking for.
    5. Meet with Financial Aid to determine if or how much aid can transfer to your study abroad program. This information also can determine your eligibility for Wesleyan scholarships/grants for Study Abroad.
    6. Apply to your selected program. If you want to study with an external (to KWC) school or organization. Note that many organizations offer grants to study on their programs.
    7. Complete all Wesleyan paperwork and return the packet to the Study Abroad Office. We will review and pass along to appropriate offices. Remember, ALL paperwork comes here.
    8. Apply for external scholarships and grants, if applicable. Check with us for opportunities.
    9. Come to the Study Abroad Office for help on passports, insurance, airfare, etc.
    10. Get ready, set, go!

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