Financing Study Abroad

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help alleviating the financial burden. CETL has many scholarships available and many people are willing to donate to help young people travel.” –Natalie Mercer-Payne
Natalie Mercer-Payne and Nathan Payne in Zimbabwe, Summer 2017.


Finding the money for Study Abroad is often the biggest challenge. Kentucky Wesleyan College will do everything we can to help you. Financing your trip can be through:

Financial Aid – if you receive federal or state financial aid (Pell grant, for example), your aid may be used to study abroad. There are limitations, so check with the Financial Aid office.

Wesleyan scholarships and grants – we have 2 programs for students planning to study abroad. Apply for these through the Study Abroad Office.

  • Heuser Grants – these grants may be used for tuition and other costs
  • Dearing Global Outlook Fund – may NOT be used for tuition but can be used for incidental and other costs (airfare, living expenses, eg.)
Heuser Grant Dearing Global Outlook Fund
Maximum $500 for short term study
Maximum $1,200 for long-term study
Maximum $2,500

External scholarships or grants – many study abroad organizations offer financial support if you study through their programs. Be sure to ask.  There are also other grants available.



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