Study Abroad Programs

You can study abroad in a couple of ways – through Kentucky Wesleyan College faculty-led programs and with third-party organizations and schools external to us.

Faculty-led study trips

Wesleyan currently has a study abroad partnership with Brescia University. Every May, Wesleyan and Brescia faculty lead students on an international trip booked through Explorica. The trip fee includes all airfare and transportation, lodging, tours, and most meals. The trip is associated with an optional course, SA 300 Study Abroad, that students can take to learn about the cultures at the trip destinations, expectations when traveling internationally, and how to be a global citizen. 

Central Europe trip led by science faculty Dr. Rachel Pritchard. 





Upcoming Faculty-Led Trips

*May 11-25, 2022 Ireland and Scotland:  

*May 14-25, 2023 Australia and New Zealand: 

*May 8-18, 2024 Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand:

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