Academic Bulletin

Welcome to the online version of Kentucky Wesleyan College’s Academic Bulletin (also called a catalog). The Bulletin includes academic policies and procedures, courses of instruction and other information pertinent to students of the College.

The catalog is our official source of College information. We print a new version every year — each catalog is subject to change.

For convenience, we have indexed the current Bulletin with subject tabs. You can download the entire catalog or the individual section that you need. Sections describing each major, minor or program include a description of the program and required courses.

For specific questions, or to access information ifrom a catalog not currently available online, contact the Registrar ( or 270-852-3119).

Note: Effective immediately, Kentucky Wesleyan College will no longer offer a Four-Year Degree Completion guarantee nor the option for a Three-Year Graduation Plan. It is our expectation that every student should anticipate graduating in four years, but we also understand that things do come up to get in the way and we will work with each students for them to complete their degree in a timely manner. As well, students who hope to graduate early are encouraged to work with the student success center and their academic advisor to assist them with such a goal. We want every student to get the most of their KWC experience and, normally, that will happen in the four years they are here. It is our goal to have every student graduate prepared to meet the personal and professional opportunities they will encounter upon graduation.

2023-2024 Academic Bulletin

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