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Welcome home to Kentucky Wesleyan College!

What does “alumni” mean exactly?

“Alumni” is Latin and derives from the verb alere, which means ‘to bring up,’ ‘to nourish.’ In Latin literature, the term alumnus is used frequently to indicate “he who is nourished by a person who is not a natural parent.”

Beginning with the first graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College, Mr. Benjamin Best, in 1866 all the way to this years graduating class – Kentucky Wesleyan College has nourished thousands of young people creating alumni who have made a difference in the lives of countless others. Being an alumnus/alumna of Kentucky Wesleyan College is an honor!

We want to continue “nourishing” and “bringing up” the nearly 10,000 people stretched across 14 countries around the globe who are alumni of Kentucky Wesleyan College. We want to be a resource for you! From social events, to lecture series and special gifts – the Alumni Office wants to keep that special Kentucky Wesleyan connection strong.

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To contact the Alumni Office for more information on programming or to update your personal records, contact the Alumni Office staff listed below:

Eddie Kenny
Senior Director of Alumni Relations
Office: 270-852-3146
Cell: 954-529-7874

Julianna Pfadt
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Office: 270-852-3144


Ruthie Hutton Hume ’62
Alumni Assistant
Office: 270-852-3225


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