Transfer Policies

Kentucky Community and Technical College Block Transfer Program

Under our block transfer program, we recognize the completion of our general education requirements for students who earn an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science from the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS/KWC General Education Program Equivalency).



Transfer Student Admission

Students wishing to transfer from a regionally-accredited college will be reviewed based on their completed college level work if the student has completed 24 hours or more toward required General Education or major specific requirements. A combination of high school course work and college level work, ACT or SAT official score report, will be used If the student has less than 24 hours of college level work completed.

All students are required to submit a completed application, final official high school transcript, a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, or Certified Adult High School Diploma, and final official transcripts from all colleges attended, and must be academically and socially eligible to return to the institution they are currently attending and all previous institutions attended.

Students transferring from an accredited four-year college may transfer up to 90 semester hours, while students from accredited two-year colleges may transfer up to 60 semester hours. The maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred from two- and four-year institutions combined is 90 hours. Grades earned at other colleges will not be computed in determining students’ grade point average at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Kentucky Wesleyan College recognizes completion of its General Education program for those students who have graduated with an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System who transfer to Wesleyan. Students who graduate from a Kentucky Community and Technical College with an Associate in Applied Arts degree in Business and an Associates of Arts degree may transfer up to 86 semester hours. Only twelve hours may be transferred from any summer semesters per academic year.

All decisions on the transfer of courses and course equivalencies will be made by the Registrar of the College in consultation with the appropriate program director. All transcripts are evaluated course by course. Classes must be comparable in content to courses in the Kentucky Wesleyan College curriculum to qualify as transferable credit. Wesleyan will accept liberal arts courses that we do not teach, such as all languages and other areas if they support the student’s liberal arts curriculum. Kentucky Wesleyan College will grant credit for all appropriate course work in which a minimum grade of C or above has been earned. An exception to this rule occurs if a student has completed an AA, AS, or AAS degree at a regionally accredited school with a 2.0 cumulative GPA; then courses with D grades will be accepted up to the maximum number of transferrable hours. Additionally, some programs require a C or better for courses that are applicable to their program requirements. Any course with a grade below a C would not be transferrable into these programs.

First Semester Transfer Student

If a student applies for admission to Kentucky Wesleyan College for the term (semester) following their first semester in college and they don’t yet have a recorded cumulative college GPA, they are considered to be a first semester transfer. In this case; the student’s academic merit award and admissions decision will be conditionally based on the high school academic course work and ACT and/or SAT score(s). If the student fails to achieve a 2.0 cumulative college GPA from their first semester college work, the admissions decision and academic award will be reevaluated. The final result could be a denial and/or a reduction in the academic award at the discretion of the Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid.