Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts
Core Requirements
THEA 120Introduction to Theatre
THEA 121Acting I
THEA 150Fundamentals of Production
THEA 260Stagecraft
THEA 330Directing
THEA 450Senior Seminar
Must take one courses from the following:
THA 141Costuming and Make-up for the Stage (OCTC)
THEA 250Stage Electrics
Must take three hours of Practicum:
THEA 310Practicum (Repeatable)
Must take one course from the following:
THEA 325History of Theatre
Must take one course from the following:
ENGL 315Drama
THEA 230Playscript Analysis
Supporting Requirements
Must take an additional four courses from the following:
BA 100/MGT 306Business , Entrepreneurship and Consultancy / Management Concepts (KWC/BU)
BA 261Principles of Marketing
THEA 323Acting II
THEA 324Children’s Theatre
THEA 340Theatre Around the World
THEA 430Special Topics in Theatre
ENGL 302/ENG 301Creative Writing Survey/Creative Writing (KWC/BU)
ENGL 343/DRM 325Oral Interpretation of Literature / Oral Interpretation (KWC/BU)
ENG 432Shakespeare (BU)