3+4 Accelerated Pharmacy Program

Kentucky Wesleyan College and University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

The 3+4 accelerated program will allow students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree with one less year of coursework, allowing them to enter the workplace sooner.  Qualifying Kentucky Wesleyan students will receive priority applicant status during the admissions process, and participating students will attend Wesleyan in the Pre-Pharmacy program for three years and transfer to the University of Kentucky for the four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program.  Students will earn the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Kentucky Wesleyan following completion of their first year in pharmacy school at UK.

Coursework for the 3+4 Program

Students should complete 3 years of the Pre-Pharmacy curriculum at Kentucky Wesleyan College.  This rigorous curriculum provides students the course material, subject matter and laboratory experience needed to be successful at the UK College of Pharmacy.  Matched with intimate class sizes, small group experiences in the lab with key faculty, and strong support from faculty-advisers, students are well prepared to begin the graduate level curriculum at UK.  Additionally, students must take the PCAT before the start of their third year at Wesleyan.

After beginning coursework at the UK College of Pharmacy, Kentucky Wesleyan College agrees to accept a minimum of 27 semester hours of graduate level courses (equivalent to 9 units at Kentucky Wesleyan College) as transfer credit to complete the requirements of the bachelor’s degree.  These 9 units will be applied to fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree.  Students must complete this coursework in the PharmD curriculum selected from a list of pre-approved courses.  Satisfactory completion is equivalent a grade of C- or higher 

Admissions Process

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy agrees to give priority applicant status* during the admissions process to the Doctor of Pharmacy program according to the classification rules of the University of Kentucky and Kentucky Wesleyan College to any student identified by Kentucky Wesleyan College in this program provided:

  • The student has successfully fulfilled all requirements of the Pre-Pharmacy three-year program of Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • PCAT must be taken before the start of the third year at Wesleyan
  • The student makes formal application for Early Decision admission to the UK College of Pharmacy program prior to the established early decision deadline
  • The student meets all requirements for admission as a professional student to the UK College of Pharmacy as determined through an application, interview, criminal background check and drug screening

Additional Information

Contact the Office of Admissions and Kentucky Wesleyan College at admissions@kwc.edu or by phone at 270-852-3120 to speak with an academic adviser and learn more about this program.